What's My Cue?

updated 03/04/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/04/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

At Judging Amy star Amy Brenneman's holiday bash in a Los Angeles nightclub in December, Kevin Rahm—who joined the CBS series last fall as Judge Amy Gray's rich cousin—wowed the crowd with a raucous karaoke rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama." Then around 1 a.m., says Brenneman, "he invited a roomful of people, some of whom were strangers to him, over to his place on a whim."

One wild and crazy guy? Not quite. "I'm too cautious to start living large," says Rahm, 31, a veteran of two failed sitcoms (1998's Jesse and 1999's Everything's Relative) who still rents a room in Jesse costar Bruno Campos's L.A. house to save cash. "I know how your employment status can change on a dime."

The Bossier City, La., native also attributes his frugality to memories of his mom, Sue, a thrice-married nurse who died two years ago, and the drama of "living paycheck to paycheck." (His dad, John, a helicopter pilot, died in Vietnam when Kevin was an infant.) A press law student at Brigham Young University, Rahm changed focus when he developed a crush on a drama professor. "She was married and 10 years older, so I just focused on learning from her," he recalls. He dropped out in 1996 and scored bit parts in TV movies before being cast as a doctor on Jesse. Now, when he's not partying with Amy castmates, "I'm a homebody," he says. "I'd like to have a serious girlfriend, but I hate dating." Says Brenneman: "He'd be quite a catch. Just remember, ladies: He has to work in the morning."

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