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originally published 05/20/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Fighting Spirit
Jennifer Lopez trained with a martial arts coach two hours a day to play a battered wife who fights back in the thriller Enough, due May 24. But a few skirmishes off the set were harder to handle. "I was doing the movie and shooting a video on the weekends. It was a hard time and in the middle of it, some paper announces that I am pregnant," says Lopez, 32, who wed dancer Cris Judd last September. "I handle these things all the time, but my mom and grandmother were on the phone asking, 'Is it true?' It wasn't, but I kept repeating, 'Mom, if I'm pregnant, you'll be the first to know.' Someday I'll have a baby, but it's nothing for people to get crazy about." Setting the record straight doesn't solve her problems for long. "I'll clear up one rumor and then read, 'She's a transsexual and her husband is a transsexual,'" says Lopez. "You can't win."

Yesterday and Tomorrow
Don't be surprised to see a little more of Sir Paul McCartney in photo spreads this summer. "What happened was one day my fiancée, Heather [Mills], said, 'You've got great feet,'" says the ex-Beatle, 59, currently crisscrossing the country on his 19-city tour. "Now I just whip my shoes off all the time. Going around to a photo session, I say, 'You want to see my feet?' I'm very comfortable with my feet suddenly." He's less comfortable about turning 60 on June 18. "I am getting up toward retirement age, which is embarrassing. I think someone falsified my birth certificate. I don't want to retire," says McCartney. "I have this vision of being 90 and being wheeled on and very slowly doing 'Yesterday.'"

Altered State
Portraying the pansexual emcee in Broadway's Cabaret has been more demanding than Full House veteran John Stamos had anticipated. "I landed the part, and the first thing I heard was, 'We have to pluck you, wax you, shave and dye you.' That was my introduction," says Stamos, 38, who began his 15-week run on April 29. "But this is theater. I said, I'll do it.' That was before the high heels and nipple rouge." Mooning the audience at the end of a big number worried him the most. "You want to stand so you don't show too much. I was most nervous about that. You have to put your feet a certain way. It's such a powerful play and all anyone talks about is me showing my butt." So how did his wife, actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, like his gender-bending character? "I wear dresses on the weekends at home," says Stamos with a laugh, "so that part didn't faze her."

Wear with All
Whether he's on a golf course or the red carpet, Changing Lanes' Samuel L. Jackson sports some of the flyest duds in Hollywood. But he wasn't always such a cool cat. "As a kid in Chattanooga, I dressed funny because my mother was a buyer for a store," says Jackson, 53, who dons drab robes as a Jedi in Star Wars: Episode II. "I couldn't choose my own clothes. So I wasn't hip. I was dressed like some Ivy League nerd with tweed clothes and shirts with monograms on them." The aspiring actor's wear didn't fare much better onstage. "When I was a schoolboy in shows, I dressed up as Humpty Dumpty, a sugarplum fairy and a Chinese man with a pigtail," he says. "I've never been afraid to make a fool of myself."

Mighty Aphrodite
In her new film The Triumph of Love, Mira Sorvino pretends to be a man in a desperate effort to nab a mate. Happily, the Oscar winner didn't need any boy ploys to meet her current beau, French heartthrob Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful), although she is keeping a keen eye out for any competition. "Some crazy Spanish magazine voted him the sexiest man in the world," says Sorvino, 34. "It's only a matter of time until America gets caught up. And yes, I've had women come up to me with angry looks. But he's mine and I'm not letting go."

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