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updated 05/27/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/27/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Dandy Stripers
The new Austin Powers film won't hit screens until July, but shades of the groovy spy's signature style are already evident in the wild striped pants showing up on hipsters like Kirsten Dunst and Melissa Joan Hart. The Carnaby Street classic is "fun and funky," says celeb dresser Tod Hallman. Plus, the loud low-riders "are a welcome alternative to prints," says L.A. stylist Roberta Wagner. Though it may be hard to look smashing, baby, "a lot of people can wear striped pants," insists L.A. designer Henry Duarte, who custom-made Rosanna Arquette's bold black-and-white hip-huggers. Here's the secret: Stick with the basics when topping off the trousers. "Wear them with a plain tank top," advises stylist Samantha McMillen. And put on a happy face. "I love these pants," raves actress Jennifer Grant of hers, by Hippie Jeans. "They make me smile. They remind me of clown pants." Oh, behave!
With Teena Hammond in Los Angeles

behind the seams

When Jennifer Love Hewitt was asked to prowl a catwalk at the Beverly Hilton along with such stars as Cindy Crawford and Ben Stiller for a May 11 fashion show benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, the actress agreed—as long as her romp could be an ode to her idol Audrey Hepburn. Quicker than you can say Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hewitt was fitted in a pink tulle ball gown by L.A. designer Robert Ellis. But morphing into Hepburn involves more than a fancy frock: "I get into Audrey mode by watching her movies and getting in touch with my elegant side," Hewitt says....

It seems Ozzy Osbourne and daughter Kelly have bridged the generation gap. That was Kelly swooping into the M.A.C makeup store in West Hollywood the other day to stock up on cosmetics for the upcoming promo tour for The Osbournes soundtrack CD. Among the items she couldn't live without? Lots of Smolder eye pencil, the very same eye enhancer her papa snapped up not long ago....

Sharing certainly isn't a concept foreign to Rosanna and Patricia Arquette. The sibs, off to the Cannes Film Festival to promote Rosanna's directorial debut, Searching for Debra Winger, will take turns being coiffed by Frédéric Fekkai for the nightly fab fetes. The Arquettes will also be garbed in Dior for the event....

Seen: Renée Zellweger slipping into the Skin Spa in Encino, Calif., under the pseudonym Rene Smith, then treating herself to a Salt Glo body scrub, a facial and a Spa A Trois rubdown with two therapists working on her at once.

It's no surprise to designer Diane Von Furstenberg that Marisa Tomei and Kyra Sedgwick both got photographed at recent events wearing her Geisha dress. "It's very addictive," says the designer of her matte jersey frock. "Kyra said she can't take it off, she loves to wear it so much, and Marisa told me the same thing." Perhaps Liv Tyler and Heather Graham were similarly inspired by Stella McCartney's sexy lace-paneled slacks. But "Liv's look is all about the pants," notes L.A. stylist Ricci DeMartino, while Heather's jacketed ensemble "works as a whole."

winner's circle
Reese Witherspoon chose Vivienne Westwood's lacy "tulip dress" for the Manhattan premiere of The Importance of Being Earnest Perfect, says the Fashion Institute of Technology's Valerie Steele, since author Oscar Wilde "liked playful and bohemian fashion."

Just Stringing Along
In the Wild West (a.k.a. Hollywood), stars like Minnie Driver, Charlize Theron and Mimi Rogers are riding off into the sunset with their Hogan Fringed Carnaby purses in tow. The rustic leather-and-suede carryall "is the perfect bag for everything from a day of shopping to a night on the town," says Hogan's chief marketing officer Emanuele Delia Valle. "It appeals to the cool girl on the go." At $640, the tasseled tote is pricey, but "you're getting a quality item," says L.A. stylist Jeanne Yang. Longevity too. "This bag will stand the test of time," adds Yang. "You'll pull it out of your closet again and again."

Star talk

What article of clothing do you insist on wearing despite the fact that everyone else tells you they think it's ugly?

American Pie 2's Tara Reid
"I like gaudiness, that's the Jersey girl in me. I have a pair of shoes with fake diamonds in them, and my friends are like, 'You are so cheesy!', but they're fun so I wear them anyway."

Rosie O'Donnell
"I have all these double-XL Mossimo T-shirts from Target that I do crafts in. They're covered in glue and paint, and everyone from my sister to the nanny is trying to get me to throw them away. I look like Sasquatch in them, but I wear them all weekend."

MTV's Carson Daly
"I have an old pair of red high-top Converse basketball shoes. Every time I wear them, people tell me to get rid of them. I have thousands of tennis shoes now, but I like my Converses."

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