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updated 07/22/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/22/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Mane Squeeze
Note to Hillary Clinton: It's okay to wear a headband again. But this time choose a wide version, preferably cloth, like the ones sported by stars like Minnie Driver, Brooke Shields and Sela Ward. It's a sleeker style that has "come a long way since the tortoiseshell bands from the drugstore," notes L.A. coiffeur David John. "They've gotten more fashionable." Wide headbands first made the scene in the '60s and '70s but were replaced by thinner models that "were so big in the '80s," says Manhattan makeup artist Toni Lee Roldan. "It was a preppy look." What brought the big bands back? Pure, unfailing functionality. "It's an easy way to get your hair out of your face," says hairstylist Calista Sanderson. "It's a neater look than using bobby pins or a barrette." Plus, taming your tresses with a stylish strip "emphasizes the face," adds John. And unlike the old plastic versions, the stretchy bands "won't give you headaches," he says. "That's really new."

behind the seams

Get ready for an ultranatural Jennifer Aniston. In her new film, The Good Girl, the actress plays a plain Jane who works in a drugstore. "I told Jennifer she might stop doing things like waxing eyebrows or washing hair," says director Miguel Arteta. "And she was like, 'Okay, let's go.' I think secretly she enjoyed letting go for a month." But she didn't take that dirty-hair directive too seriously. While filming on the Rite-Aid set, I hear Aniston helped herself to the Herbal Essences shampoos stocked on the shelves....

Goldie Hawn recently attended the Best Ferrari in the World Awards in Beverly Hills, but it wasn't the wheels that caught her eye, it was the shoes. In fact, the sparkly sandals on the tootsies of event sponsor Sandra O. Storms-Andrews garnered so much attention that she announced they were Stuart Weitzman's Iceberg sandals. The next day 60 women stormed Weitzman's shop and bought up all the Icebergs, at $685 a pop. Hawn spared herself the trip, ordering a pair by phone....

Sunglasses by Tom Cruise? Nah, the star hasn't jumped on the celebrity-slash-designer bandwagon, but he does have his name on some shades. Cruise was one of the first to get the new Dior Homme aluminum A113 glasses, which came inscribed with the actor's moniker. He praised them to Dior reps, who sent him 10 more pairs of the $260 specs, available to the public this fall....

Seen: Elizabeth Taylor, showing off a new yellow-diamond ring while shopping at Sephora in Hollywood, where she snapped up a variety of Poole makeup—pink hues only.

star talk

Everyone looks up to someone—or their clothes. Who is your style idol?

"I admire P. Diddy. He can go from an Armani tailored suit and hat to a roomy sweat suit to some flashy leather outfit. I admire his diversity."

Dawson's Creek's Michelle Williams
"Deborah Harry. She was stylish, but you could tell she couldn't care less about fashion. Style came so naturally to her."

Christina Applegate
"Gwen Stefani, because her style is so funky. It's the perfect balance of masculine and sexy."

Heather Graham
"Gwen Stefani. She's a cool, interesting personality, and she goes crazy with her clothes. I like that."

Lara Flynn Boyle
"I love Jackie Kennedy. She didn't follow fashion—she was her own fashion."

Boston Public's Loretta Devine
"Writer Terry McMillan. She wears a lot of Richard Tyler, but she also wears stuff that makes you say, 'Who the hell is that?' She always looks so good."

winner's circle
Mama mia! Just three months after baby Damian's arrival, Elizabeth Hurley made heads swivel at a Versace fete in Paris in Donatella's short, snug, cobweb-beaded dress. "She looked fantastic," says party guest and Daily Telegraph fashion editor Hilary Alexander. "Glowing."

Eau de J.Lo
Looking for a way to capture a touch of Jennifer Lopez's special aura? Snag a bottle of her new perfume Glow by J.Lo. The multitasking star, whose signature scent will be available in department stores Sept. 1, chose the pink grapefruit, rose and sandalwood aromas that make up the fragrance. She also suggested the bottle be made of frosted glass, evoking the look of a fogged-up shower door. The essence will retail for $38 for a 50-ml bottle and $50 for the 100-ml size. Of course for Lopez, choosing the right notes "is just natural," says her record producer Cory Rooney. "She always smells incredibly good."

Furnishing Touches
He no longer plays TV's Hercules, but Kevin Sorbo still seeks new adventures. His latest: designing furniture. The first of three 20-piece Sorbo Collections, which include English- and French-country bedroom, dining and living room sets, hits stores this fall. Sorbo's hobby began when the Andromeda star and his wife, Sam, created furniture for their homes. "It's weird," he admits, but the project fulfills "the business guy in me. I like being in something other than just the celebrity thing."

This Sorbo cherry sleigh bed will retail for around $1,200.

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