Med Alert

updated 08/05/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/05/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Playing physician Lu Delgado on the hit Lifetime drama Strong Medicine is having a curious effect on Rosa Blasi. "I'm beginning to think I am a doctor," says Blasi, 29. "I took my dog's stitches out with a suture removal kit I stole from the set." A thought crosses her mind. "What," Blasi asks, "if I were playing a serial killer and someone made me mad?"

Well, for starters, the cheerfully unbuttoned actress would probably tell you before she iced you. "She doesn't have any censoring mechanism," says executive producer Tammy Ader, laughing. "Diplomacy? Nowhere." But the Mount Prospect, Ill., native's combined talents took her places. After trying for tiaras on the beauty pageant circuit (she was Miss Chicago 1994), she sang in Kenny Rogers's 1995 Christmas concert tour, where she made a lasting friend in backup singer Sean Hayes (Will & Grace). "Rosa is beautiful on the inside and out," says the Emmy winner, "but she's really beautiful on the outside." Blasi got her own break with Andrew Dice Clay in a bomb of a sitcom, HITZ, in 1997. "It was never going to win any awards," she says, "but, God bless it, it allowed me to buy my first house."

She's now in her third, a two-bedroom home in L.A.'s South Bay that she shares with her two dogs, while enjoying a new, long-distance romance with Indianapolis Colts fullback Jim Finn, 25. "I like guy guys," she says. "It only took me 29 years to figure out I enjoy being treated like a queen."

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