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updated 08/05/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/05/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Dark Matters
Lighten up? Just because it's summertime? Not likely. Stars like Tom Hanks and Will Smith continue to dabble with the dark side, sporting sleek ensembles in shades that range from black to dark gray and even chocolate. The look is the sign of "a highly polished, slick male," says L.A. stylist Vincent Boucher, who helped Chris Tucker achieve perfect pitch with a black pin-striped Gucci. "The suits are subtly reinforcing the message of power—personal power and power in Hollywood." Plus, adds designer Zip Stevenson, "if you don't want to wear a tux, this is a great way to go." But menswear designer Lisa Dewey of Dewey & Durham cautions that dressing in the dark isn't for everyone: "You need attitude."

with Katie Wright in Los Angeles

behind the seams

Even evil shape-changing aliens need to accessorize, hence that fine, twiglike sterling-silver necklace adorning Lara Flynn Boyle in Men in Black II. The delicate $420 necklace, called the Vein, comes from Manhattan designer Annette Ferdinandsen. How does it look on Boyle? Out of this world, of course....

When Alicia Keys asked Dolce & Gabbana to create the costumes for her summer tour, they responded with a sexy assortment of corsets, bustiers, graffiti jeans and satin, denim and leather-studded coats. Then Keys raised the bar, asking for a high-glam special something that would be, in her words, "like wearing a ball gown." Oh, and she doesn't wear dresses. D&G's answer: a show-stopping green floor-length fur coat with chiffon inlays and the sleeves ripped off....

It was a Clint Eastwood family affair when Alison, the actor-director's designing daughter, unveiled her Eastwood Ranch line of sportswear at a party in Beverly Hills last week. Dina, Clint's wife, wore a pair of Eastwood Ranch jeans for the event, and Clint sported the line's spiffy Tequila shirt. There's a limit to his ranch dressing, though. At 6'4", Clint's just too tall for the jeans....

Shaft in a kilt? Expect to see Samuel L.Jackson looking plaid to the bone in the Scotsman's classic cover-up in Formula 51, the action comedy premiering in October. Jackson overcame his qualms after he spotted Ewan McGregor working the look. "I saw him in one at the Star Wars premiere," Jackson says. "He looked really proud. I thought, 'I could pull this off.' "...

At a recent shoot for Estée Lauder's Pleasures fragrance, spokesmodel Carolyn Murphy fell in love with the puppies who appear in the ads. So she bought two, a golden retriever she named Samson and a yellow Lab named (what else?) Delilah.

Calling All Stars
Some celebs, Beyoncé Knowles, Steven Tyler and Madonna among them, have found a fashionable way to conduct hands—free cell phone conversation—designer earpieces from John Hardy. Available in an intricate Indonesian motif of sterling silver or embellished with sparkling stones—diamonds, citrine or black sapphires—these auditory accessories are anything but quiet. But talk isn't cheap. The ear candy ranges in price from $195 to $1,900.

what was she thinking?
No, the vintage navy-blue Jean Muir frock Brooke Shields wore to a recent L.A. gala isn't on backward—it's supposed to be longer in the front than the back. Nor, it seems, was the peekaboo bodice an inadvertent gaffe. "Muir designed for a lot of rock stars' wives in London during the '60s," says Shields. "I really liked the dress—I thought it was a unique, one-of-a-kind piece."

star talk

What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?

Foxy Brown
"One of the first awards shows I went to, I was wearing a pair of old pants. I had no idea I needed to be in some fancy designer dress. I tried to hide all night."

24's Leslie Hope
"At the last Golden Globes, the clasp of my dress broke and the top fell forward, revealing the fact that I didn't have anything on underneath."

Margaret Cho
"I went to the White House in a $5 thrift-store dress. When I got back my photographs of me and Bill Clinton, I saw I had huge stains on both shoulders."

Clean Lines
Swimming against the tide? That's hard work. But swimming in the Tide couldn't be easier now that Cynthia Rowley has designed a line of bathing suits bearing the detergent's trademark bull's-eye logo. "I like taking an everyday icon and putting it into fashion," says Rowley. Sales of the suits, available for $48 at Cynthia Rowley boutiques and online at, benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Now all you have to do is choose the right water temperature.

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