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updated 09/09/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/09/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

52 Up Front
In their Los Angeles mansion, American Idol finalists relax, rehearse and bite their nails in plush but increasingly empty surroundings

58 Five years after the death of his mother, Prince William carries on in Diana's unmistakable image

60 Born at 23 weeks and weighing just over 1 lb., a now healthy Courtney Jackson celebrates a miraculous first birthday

67 Update
As investigators discover the remains of two missing Oregon girls, townspeople have only one question: What took so long?

72 Song
With a platinum CD, Let Go, Avril Lavigne is shooting up the charts—and shooting off her mouth

75 Stage
Hairspray's Marissa Winokur brings a big hit—and a healthy body image—to Broadway

78 Angels
Tennessee English professor Keith Taylor creates a Web site to gather donations for strangers down on their luck

81 Screen
Once Erin Brockovich's scruffy biker beau, Aaron Eckhart puts his best face forward in Possession

85 Weddings
All together now: From Santa Barbara to Palm Beach and Majorca, Yasmine Bleeth, Bryant Gumbel and Irish pop star Caroline Corr join a chorus of late-August "I dos"

88 Cover
Former Friend in need Matthew Perry talks candidly about his success, his painful struggle for sobriety and his (mostly pleasurable) search for love

97 Couples
Sexually active pairs try pre-wedding abstinence to make their big day special

101 Pages
Eating right could make you wrinkle-free for life, writes dermatologist Nicholas Perricone

105 To the Top
Mortician Harry Platt followed in father Bernie's footsteps. Soon both may be called "Mr. Mayor"

117 In the Spotlight
To create a digital diva, the makers of Simone turn to model Rachel Roberts

137 Coping
After tackling cancer and now MS, FOX News business host Neil Cavuto is still on the money

140 At Ease
Pierce Brosnan, Cindy Crawford, John Travolta and other celebs head for exotic shores this summer

4 Mailbag
6 Online
8 Star Tracks
19 Scoop
31 Picks & Pans
51 Insider
87 Passages
107 Style Watch
114 Puzzler
144 Chatter

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