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updated 09/09/2002 AT 01:00 AM EDT

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Gallery: Stars on Prom Night

Most of today's stars got their first taste of the spotlight at high school proms, formals and homecomings. Who was already fabulous? And who went from geeky to gorgeous? Find out in our gallery of tulle-and tuxedo-clad celebs, including Halle Berry, Bruce Willis and Britney Spears (right).

PLUS: See high school photos of Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, Josh Hartnett and many more.

Jackie Chan (right) has a permanent hole in his skull from a stunt accident. Emmy-nominated Malcolm in the Middle star Jane Kaczmarek is an avid tennis fan. As drama students in New York City, Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams shared an apartment. Find out more about these and other stars in our photo-packed PEOPLE Profiles.

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Poll asked: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne just took in an orphaned teen. Which of these reality-TV stars would you rather be adopted by?

Ozzy and Sharon 84%
Anna Nicole Smith 16%


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Just before the anniversary of Sept. 11, we take a look at some of the survivors and heroes from 9/11.

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