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originally published 12/09/2002 AT 01:00 AM EST

Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono are once again at odds over songwriting credits. For the last several years McCartney has lobbied John Lennon's widow about flipping the Lennon/McCartney credit on a number of Beatles songs so that McCartney could get top billing on the works for which he did the bulk of the writing (particularly Paul's "Yesterday"). Ono has resisted, citing an agreement John and Paul made early in their partnership. But on McCartney's new live album, Back in the U.S., 19 Beatles songs are listed as being written by McCartney/Lennon. Ono's lawyer calls the move "outrageous" and is considering legal options. McCartney's reps didn't return calls. Guess the days of "All You Need Is Love" are over.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos currently stars in the thriller Femme Fatale, recently wrapped next spring's X-Men 2 and has just started shooting Godsend with Robert De Niro in Toronto. With her career on such a roll, it was only fitting that her husband, actor John Stamos, threw her a 30th-birthday party on Nov. 3 at an L.A. roller rink. Among the 100 guests were Jon Lovitz, Jenny McCarthy and Lori Loughlin, Stamos's Full House costar. When not skating to '80s tunes, the guests feasted on sushi and watched a musical finger snapper as he snapped out "Happy Birthday." To top things off, Stamos gave his wife canary diamond earrings—2 carats each—from luxury jeweler Chopard.

Why is the married, 55-year-old Carlos Santana sending flowers to a 19-year-old girl? Well, if the teen is Michelle Branch, it's to thank her for collaborating on their hit single, "The Game of Love." Every time Branch performs the song at one of Santana's appearances, the guitarist and his wife, Deborah, send Branch a dozen white roses. So far, the pop star has gotten 120 buds. "I've been trying to save them," says Branch. "But they don't pack in the suitcase well. So I save all the cards instead."

He was a bachelor, but was he a gentleman? A titillating e-mail making the rounds last week cited an AP story that claimed The Bachelor star Aaron Buerge had gotten three of the contestants on the hit ABC reality show pregnant. The article even quoted Michael Eisner, CEO of ABC's parent company, Disney, who supposedly said they were going to make Buerge take a paternity test. But Bachelor fans can relax. The e-mail was a hoax, something series creator Mike Fleiss knew instantly. "If Michael Eisner is being quoted," says Fleiss, "I would have known about this."

As Kiefer Sutherland's daughter on the FOX drama 24, actress Elisha Cuthbert finds herself in peril every week. A couple of weeks ago, however, Cuthbert faced down a real-life threat on the set. While preparing for a scene with a cougar, Cuthbert approached the big cat to pet it. But the animal, excited by either the fake blood on the actress's arm or the smell of potato chips that she had just eaten, suddenly bit Cuthbert on the right hand. Production stopped as Cuthbert was taken to a hospital, where she received treatment (but no stitches) for a puncture wound. She still has to redo the scene—but fortunately with a different cougar.

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