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The Osbournes
How refreshing to read an article about the Osbourne family in which the word "dysfunctional" was not used to describe them. In a world where parents divorce at the drop of a hat, children are abused and neglected, wives are beaten and fathers are too often absent, the Osbournes are anything but dysfunctional. Despite all they have been through, and after 20 years of marriage, the parents treasure each other and their children. Carry on, Sharon and Ozzy! Your eccentric family is functioning beautifully.
Kristi Luke, RAPID CITY, S.DAK.

It was interesting to read that Kelly Osbourne feels that her family's TV show is stupid. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Kelly.
Karla Kollasch, ALBUQUERQUE, N.MEX.

I was so disgusted with the cover of your magazine, I ripped it off and threw it in the trash. Shame on you for glorifying the Osbournes. The entire family is a disgrace.
Elizabeth MacConnell, VILLAGES, FLA.

So the Osbournes are a little different, but they love each other unconditionally, and that's all that matters.
Jill S. Barber, ANAHEIM, CALIF.

Jazlyn Bradley
Jazlyn Bradley needs to stop playing the blame game. Does she really expect anyone to believe she didn't know eating Big Macs twice a day would lead to weight gain? McDonald's doesn't withhold information about the caloric and fat content of their food; they are not at fault here. Jazlyn should stop wasting her time with this lawsuit and start educating herself about diet and exercise.
Kristin E. Hanley, HAMILTON, ONT.

After reading "Big Mac Attack," I was in disbelief. I don't think McDonald's is to blame for anyone's obesity. Individuals should start taking responsibility for the problems they have caused themselves, not look to fault someone else. Why abuse the legal system with something as frivolous and ridiculous as this? Besides, who has ever even considered McDonald's Big Mac a healthy addition to the food pyramid?
Christina Thomas, CINCINNATI, OHIO

Jazlyn Bradley's parents should be sued for allowing their daughter to eat at McDonald's twice a day. Why weren't they providing her with nutritious meals?
Caryn J. Bayne, ROSELLE, ILL.

Michael Jackson
I was sickened to see Michael Jackson holding that infant out over the railing. Isn't that child endan-germent? I hope California's Department of Social Services will be able to keep a close eye on the children in Mr. Jackson's home. Just because he is famous doesn't mean he deserves children.
B. Mullins, MT. VERNON, KY.

I have a hard time believing that one incident has caused such a public uproar. Granted, holding a 9-month-old baby over a balcony was not the most thoughtful thing Michael Jackson has ever done, but it hardly proves that he is an unfit parent. It just shows that Michael Jackson is human and makes mistakes like everyone else. Once again, the media has done a great job at making a mountain out of a molehill.
Elizabeth Thomsen, TULLY, N.Y.

Michael Jackson has been a champion of children's causes for years and is known the world over for his love of children. Why would we even question the love he offers to his own? I'm sure it would be hard to find a better dad than Michael Jackson.
Gregory Davis, MEADVILLE, PENN.

American Heroes
Heroes are people who show extraordinary courage. A hero is not someone who gets a $25 million sports contract or product endorsement deal. It is time we stop hero-worshipping the least deserving people like athletes or rock stars and place the honor on those who truly deserve it. Bravo to PEOPLE for sharing these amazing stories of selflessness. How many athletes and celebrities can you say that about?
Brittany Fairchild, SEATTLE, WASH.

Star Tracks
While it is adorable that little Roc-co is riding a bike, I have one question for his dad, Guy Ritchie: Where is your son's helmet?
Joseph P. Mastandrea, KEARNY, N.J.

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