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Shania Twain
Thank you, PEOPLE, for the wonderful cover story about my favorite entertainer, Shania Twain. For years, her beautiful spirit has inspired me, while her music has energized me. Simply put, she makes my world a happier place. It's great to know that her world is finally filled with peace and happiness.
Kimberly Hillery, MIAMI BEACH, FLA.

Why is Shania Twain in the entertainment industry if she hates being in the spotlight? I hear Wal-Mart is a nice place to work, and their employees rarely get asked for autographs. I was going to buy Ms. Twain's new CD, but I would hate to contribute to something that makes her so unhappy.
Jennifer Vettor, INGERSOLL, ONT.

Way to go, Shania, for putting yourself and your family first and not needing the limelight to be happy.

If Shania Twain would give up fame in a heartbeat, why is she back with a new disc? Let her retreat to her 46-room ch√Ęteau in Switzerland, where the people are "calm and discreet," because this former fan won't be shelling out another penny for her music.
Pam Lawson, ROCKFORD, ILL.

Shania Twain says that she doesn't like the spotlight. Please forgive me for being skeptical, but if that is the the case, why is she on the cover of PEOPLE?
Jenny L. Austin, ELKHART, IND.

Ground Zero Air
After reading "Danger in the Dust," I couldn't help but feel sorry for all those people whose health has been affected or may be at long-term risk because of their exposure to dust following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center's towers. However, the tone of the article made it seem that the real enemies were the Environmental Protection Agency and director Christie Whitman. Under the extraordinary circumstances, I'm sure the agency did all it could. If they had kept people out of their apartments for months while thoroughly testing everything, they would have been criticized for that. Also, I would like to address Mrs. Tabb, who says she isn't sure who to blame. I can tell you exactly who is to blame: 19 terrorists and the organization that sent them to the United States to carry out a horrible attack.
Jim Spies, PACIFIC, MO.

Mario Payne Rice
The Brideun School for Exceptional Children serves a need that is not being met in many other school settings. It is gratifying to know that Mario Payne Rice cares enough about these children to go to great lengths to give them an enriching educational experience.
Judy Harmon, LAS CRUCES, N.MEX.

Rosie O'Donnell
Kelli Carpenter and Rosie O'Donnell's new baby, Vivienne Rose, is blessed to be born into a home with so much love, support and happiness.
Mary Jo Meyer, FLEMING, COLO.

John Ritter
As far as I am concerned, the sexiest man alive was on the cover a couple of weeks too late. No one can trip over a table and still look as good as John Ritter does.
Lesley Groth, RACINE, WIS.

Song Picks
Kyle Smith's review of Barbra Streisand's latest collection, Duets, should have focused on the merits of her work and not on cynical comments about her passion for politics.
Al Menotti, PARK RIDGE, ILL.

I would describe myself as a huge Ben Affleck fan, but after reading your story about his Las Vegas shopping spree with Jennifer Lopez, my admiration for him has diminished. Their frivolous expenditures, which included paying $150,000 for two new Mercedes, make them appear very greedy indeed. Ben, go visit a soup kitchen, spend time with sick children or give a part of that wad of cash you won in gambling to someone who actually needs it.
Melissa Perlman, PROVIDENCE, R.I.

Enough about J.Lo already. Just wake me up when she breaks Ben's heart and moves on to the next chapter.
Connie Ward, WEST POINT, MISS.

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