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originally published 04/07/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Who Makes What!
When I pulled the issue from my mailbox, glanced at the cover and read the article, I was furious. Men and women who defend our country struggle to make ends meet, while the celebrities on your cover make millions with minimal responsibility for our nation's future. Something is wrong if these are the people on whom we place the most value.
Marcie Chastain, CAMERON, N.C.

Imagine the excitement I felt as I learned that I can pretend to be a teacher for an hour a week and make the same salary I've been working a whole year to earn. We keep cutting school budgets, and I have to watch our children suffer each day because of it.
Judy Brown, HOUSTONIA, MO.

I was almost at the point of tears when I read how much celebrities make. If ever there was an injustice in the world, it is this one!
Andrea Wilkie, WILMINGTON, DEL.

Mister Rogers
I will never forget the moment I turned the page to your article about the death of Fred Rogers. If you had chosen not to run any text, it wouldn't have mattered. The pictures clearly said it all.
Trish Marfuta, CHARLEVOIX, MICH.

I was sad to see the passing of Mister Rogers. I remember watching him faithfully every day as he came in to change his sports jacket for a cozy zip-up cardigan and switch to tennis shoes. I'm delighted that my two children are still able to enjoy those same moments. Mister Rogers had a unique way of making every child feel special.

Thank you so much for your article on a man of great integrity. Fred Rogers imparted wonderful values to young people at a time when they desperately needed them.
Teresa Cearley Smith, MISSION, TEXAS

Safe-Haven Laws
Thanks for showing more than one side of the safe-haven laws. They endanger more lives than they save by encouraging ignorant, frightened young mothers to avoid prenatal care and give birth alone. As a mother who gave up a child in the '60s and as an adoption reform activist, I applaud Marley Greiner and Bastard Nation for leading the fight against these well-intended, but ill-advised, laws. Laws that encourage and cater to shame and irresponsibility help nobody but questionable adoption brokers, who hope to avoid accountability and circumvent current laws that are in place for the protection of all parties to adoption.
Mary Anne Cohen, WHIPPANY, N.J.

Marley Greiner and others who oppose safe-haven laws really miss the point. She is missing the fact that pregnancies are terminated and babies are left for dead because of the blame and shame associated with such unplanned pregnancies. While open adoptions are admirable, they are not an option for every woman. Safe-haven laws are designed to protect the innocents from being discarded by giving these babies the option of life.
Elizabeth Nigro, DANA POINT, CALIF.

Doug and Jackie Christie
As a Sacramento Kings fan, I've watched Doug Christie's love signal since he's been here. However, after reading your article on his devoted wife who travels with him to almost all of his away games, I'm confused. The Christies have three children at home. Who takes care of them while their parents are on the road? I wonder, if instead of a devoted wife, Jackie is an insecure woman who can't trust her husband?

Mary Matalin
Hooray for Mary Matalin! Although I've never agreed with her politics, I do identify with her motherly instincts. Any mom who can afford to stay home with her children should do so. I applaud her for that.
Carol Hutton, BUTLER, MO.

Mary Matalin's statement that "motherhood is an incredibly unique female experience" is music to my ears. She has realized in time that motherhood is a gift that should be opened and enjoyed every day.

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