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Blood and Yuks
She plays a steel-nerved forensics investigator on CSI, but Jorja Fox still gets squeamish recalling her anatomy class at Melbourne (Fla.) High School. "It required dissecting. When the cats arrived, I asked for a pregnant one," says Fox, 34. "I thought I was really rugged, but by week's end, I could barely stay in class." Fortunately for Fox, the atmosphere on the CSI set isn't particularly grim. "We shot a scene with an actress who was strapped on a gurney and couldn't move," says Fox. "[William Petersen] and I started tickling her. The victims really have to watch out for us."

Junior High
For an actor, delivering lines is one thing, doing them is another, as Jason Schwartzman discovered playing a speed freak in the black comedy Spun. "The stuff we snorted was [powdered milk] mixed with vitamin B-12," says Schwartzman, 22. "You could feel it in your throat. It was disgusting. My nose really hurt from snorting 500 times a day, and the [powder] upset my stomach." There were some fringe benefits. Says Schwartzman: "I learned how to roll a dollar bill in under five seconds. And because of the B-12, I was superhealthy. I couldn't get sick if I wanted to."


Spring is here, and so are those gauzy, restless feelings of romance. We asked stars to tell us about one of the most sentimental rites of passage.

Evan Marriott (Joe Millionaire): "It was after a football game at my junior high. She made the move. I was a deer in headlights."

Antonio Banderas: "For days, I asked a girl named Lilliana for a kiss. She said yes when I wasn't ready. I kissed her lightly and got very dizzy. I had to sit back down."

Heather Graham: "I was 9. This boy I had a crush on said, 'If I give you a dollar, will you kiss me?' I said, 'I don't know.' Then he asked, 'What if I give you 50 cents?' I finally kissed him for free."

Jack Osbourne: "I was 8, and it was with my sister's 11-year-old friend. I like older women."

Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm): "It was at a spin-the-bottle party. We both were 13. The guy did a weird spiraling tongue thing. It was horrible."

Matthew McConaughey: "Old Amy had braces, and my lip got caught. I almost threw up, but it was all right."

Carmen Electra: "We were 7 and listening to AC/DC's Back in Black in my basement. I just remember being so nervous."

Kelly Rowland: "My first kiss was in seventh grade, and it was terrible. I'm trying to forget it."

Jessica Alba: "I was 7, he was 10. It tasted milky and gross."

Usher: "It was to 'Secret Lovers' by Atlantic Starr. I got warm all over my body."

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