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When Baby Won't Wait!
I read your article and about fell over with laughter. I became a victim to a vehicle baby myself on Feb. 11, 2003. We were two blocks from the hospital at an extremely busy intersection in rush-hour traffic when all hell broke loose. My husband pulled up to the curb and grabbed the cell phone to call 911, only to find the battery dead. Thank goodness for passing motorists who called. Four firefighters, three paramedics and one police officer later, our son, Johnny, was born in the front of our brand-new Ford Expedition.
Michelle Dwyer, ROSEVILLE, CALIF.

During a week where I could not turn on the TV and see anything but somber men and women talk about war, bombs and sadness, it was refreshing to see a nice, happy story about miraculously amusing births. Thanks for the uplifting news.
Janet Pole, LONDON, ONT.

Where did you find these clueless pregnant women? Most women are smart enough to listen to their bodies for signals that labor is coming. Did Rhonda Schafer really believe "she could make it through the day at work" when she was having regular contractions with her third baby?
Deborah Sanders, NEWCASTLE, WASH.

Reading your article about unexpected deliveries brought a smile to my face as I recalled my own experiences. Memories like these are what make life special for families.
Lorraine Morrogh, CHALMETTE, L.A.

Iraqi Life
Americans are brainwashed by politicians and the media to hate, fear and blame. Hopefully, your article will show that the real people of so-called enemy nations are just like us. They go about their daily lives just as we do. They work, shop, love and hope for peace just as we do. I hope your Baghdad snapshot makes Americans realize that the people in your article are the kinds of innocents we will be killing and maiming during this war.

I find it terribly one-sided of you to print an article that amounts to nothing more than antiwar propaganda. Do you really believe that any of the Iraqis interviewed could speak out against a tyrannical leadership and not expect some sort of horrendous retribution? Why not devote an equal number of pages to those individuals who have been lucky enough to escape and dream of the day Iraq becomes a true democracy?
Julie Peacock, NORTHBROOK, ILL.

Just when you think Madonna has been her most vulgar, she manages to top her past offensiveness. I wonder if her kids would be proud to hang these pictures of their mom in their lockers at school?

James Gordon
Being one of America's best-known environmentalists and not supporting James Gordon's clean energy source, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may surprise some, but not me. It seems a lot of political figures want to shove their way of doing things down we the people's throats. But when it comes to them actually being affected by change, you get a lot of not-in-my-backyard mentality.
Jennifer Nelson, CORINNA, MAINE

Mel Gibson
"Friends" say Mel Gibson does not share the same radical sentiments as his father, Hutton, who declared that the Holocaust never happened and Vatican II was "a Masonic plot backed by the Jews." I would like to know what Mel has to say for himself. Actually, it's too late because this Jew really doesn't care what Mel Gibson thinks.
Jodi Rabinowitz, LAKE WORTH, FLA.

In response to the letters PEOPLE published from DeAnne Kelley and Janet Blakeley, I would like to point out that being opposed to the war in Iraq does not mean that I do not strongly support those men and women who are fighting in it. I have the utmost respect for the members of our military and also pray daily for their safe return to the United States. I just don't happen to agree with the decision that put them over there in the first place.
Lee Underwood, LAS VEGAS, NEV.

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