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originally published 04/14/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Galaxy Quest
Action stars never die...and they shouldn't fade away either. At least that's what Sigourney Weaver thinks. The actress, who blasted her way into the action-hero pantheon with the Alien movies, suggests that her male counterparts, like Harrison Ford, 60, or Sylvester Stallone, 56, shouldn't slow-down any time soon. "I don't think age matters because action heroes are much more about character than they are about fitness," says Weaver, 53, currently starring in the 9/11 drama The Guys. Although there are no immediate plans for another installment of the Alien franchise, the actress hasn't ruled out Ripley's return. "Sometimes I miss [doing] science fiction," says Weaver. "The way things are now in the world, it would be nice to go on an adventure to a planet far away and forget about all this for a while."

No Chicago Bull
Starring in his own hit sitcom hasn't gone to Bernie Mac's head. "When I get home, I have to unpack, iron my clothes and cook myself dinner," says Mac, 45, currently co-starring as Chris Rock's brother and running mate in the presidential campaign comedy Head of State. "People tell me, 'Bernie, you're a movie star, act like one!' But I'm domesticated. I'm real. I don't have any handlers." The comic happily eschews a Hollywood lifestyle. "I still live on the South Side of Chicago," says Mac. "I lease in L.A. My family is in Chicago. My peace of mind is there too. L.A. is for business, and I'm not soliciting friends at age 45."

Hair Play
Despite being Jack Bauer's trusted counterterrorist colleague on the FOX real-time thriller 24, Carlos Bernard doesn't always play straight with his costar Kiefer Sutherland. "My hair is a rat's nest that makes me feel like I'm wearing Burt Reynolds's wig. So on the first day of shooting I said to Kiefer, 'Does my hair look bad? Can you tell?' " says Bernard, 40, who plays intelligence agent Tony Almeida. "He said, 'Can I tell what?' I said, 'Can you tell just by looking at it?' So he asks, 'You're wearing a wig?' I said, 'Oh my God, you can tell!' " Bernard then feigned a minibreak-down, much to Sutherland's chagrin. "Kiefer, who is the sweetest guy in the world, was all upset that he upset me," says Bernard. "He kept saying, 'Oh, no! You can't tell at all!' I was just screwing around with him, but I couldn't keep it up for very long because he got all flustered."

Box Office Gross
Although she's made her mark playing alluring all-American girls, Mena Suvari relished the chance to portray a drug-addled slacker in the black comedy Spun. "Usually when you go on set, you get made up to look better than when you came in. But putting on red eyeliner, drawing on veins and painting resin on my teeth was so much fun," says Suvari, 24. "I didn't wash my hair for a week. It was a blast to play someone so dirty and nasty." The actress felt so comfortable in her wretched new skin that she'd forget what a sight she had become. "I'd be talking to people, thinking, 'Why are they looking at me funny?' "

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