updated 05/01/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/01/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

American Idol

8 Introduction

10 The Auditions
How do you become an American Idol? This year's contestants offer tips for making the show, and Simon shares what makes him say those magic words: "You're going to Hollywood!"

18 The Judges
They cut up. They cut each other off. They cut to the chase as they help decide who'll make the cut. But here's what Simon, Paula and Randy are really like

28 The Rejects
These unforgettable auditionees got the boot but now find themselves on TV, on trial and on the mend

36 Behind the Scenes
A personal chef, private gym and Drew Barrymore as a neighbor. In Idol Manor, the living is fast-paced but sweet

48 The Contestants
Who made dean's list? Who worked as a telemarketer? Who accidentally turned his red hair blue? An up-close-and-personal guide to this season's Final 12

62 Scrapbook
The finalists open up their photo albums and share childhood memories of school days, talent shows and singing in the shower

66 Style
No, they weren't always this polished. With the help of a little makeover magic the finalists now look as good as they sound. Here's how they did it

72 Where Are They Now?
The first season's Final 10—think Kelly, think Justin, think Tamyra—beat a fast path to promising futures

79 By the Numbers
How many finalists have tattoos? How often does Randy really say "Dawg"? Get the answer to tomorrow's Trivial Pursuit questions today

80 The Odds
Want to know who's the favorite and who's the long shot? A handicapper's guide to the finals

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