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originally published 05/12/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Jessica Lynch
Your cover was absolutely wonderful. The article and accompanying pictures were a fabulous tribute to a brave young American. Thanks for the great coverage of not only Jessica Lynch's story, but many, many others.
Karen Richardson, KYLE, TEXAS

We have understandably embraced the story of Pfc. Jessica Lynch. However, we have heard very little about Pfc. Lori Piestewa, the first U.S. servicewoman killed in Iraq. As the single mother of two small children, thank you, People, for including Lori's story.
Linda Scherr, RHINEBECK, N.Y.

All Americans are pleased about the rescue of Jessica Lynch, but you erroneously report that she is "a hero of the Iraqi war." She is not a hero. She's a survivor. The hero is Mohammed, the Iraqi lawyer who risked his life and that of his family to save Jessica. Be careful to whom you assign that honorable title of hero.
Jennifer Wise, NEWPORT, R.I.

While there is no question of Jessica's courage, she is still just another young, inexperienced soldier whose unit reportedly made a wrong turn and got into trouble. Mohammed, who saved her, is the one you should have highlighted on your cover. But, of course, Mohammed would not have sold as many copies.

Your article about POW Jessica Lynch was uplifting. Hats off to those involved in the rescue. A job well done!
Renee Williams, HIGHLAND, IND.

Gretcnen Biggs
While Gretchen Biggs could be earning millions of dollars as an attorney, she works instead for animals, protecting them from insensitive humans. She is a hero and an inspiration. Farm animals suffer miserably until they are slaughtered, just so humans can eat them. So while Ms. Biggs does her part, let's do ours—go vegetarian!
Rory Freedman, MAHWAH, N.J.

David Bloom
I've tried to figure out why I felt so devastated by the death of David Bloom when I didn't even know him. I think it is partly because of his absolute contagious enthusiasm, whether he was reporting from Iraq or doing a funny piece on Weekend Today. He had a way of getting the news across to us on a real level. I will miss him. My heart goes out to his wife and girls.
Sharon Reese, ALBANY, CALIF.

I was disappointed to see you dedicated one page to David Bloom. He deserved much more, and you should have given him his due.

Lynne Meredith
Three cheers for Lynne Meredith! Bless this little grandmother for standing up to America's very own gestapo—the IRS. Being one of the steadily declining number of vulnerable, taxable earners in this country, I am glad to learn of this baby boomer's lone voice in the wilderness, particularly since it's useless to look to the flabby parasites on Capitol Hill for relief.
Carol J. Conners, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH

If Lynne Meredith objects to the way our government works, then I suggest she move to another country! This is a great solution because it would save us honest taxpayers the very tax we may be paying to house her butt in prison for the rest of her natural life.
Kristin Rudi, CAPE CORAL, FLA.

Corey Clark
I find it frustrating that Corey Clark decides to blame American Idol and the FOX network for his departure. I feel this is just another kid not taking responsibility for his actions. When asked if he had an arrest record, he should have been candid. It's called honesty and integrity, Corey.
Cathy Gregory, VANCOUVER, WASH.

When I read the "Cash & Carrey" item about Jim Carrey's 15-year-old daughter Jane, I was thoroughly disgusted. How is it that I, a 28-year-old with a full-time job and expenses, can get by on less than $10,000 a month and a child cannot? I'm sorry, but horseback riding lessons are just not what I consider a need.
Jennifer Boylan, PHILADELPHIA, PA.

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