updated 05/19/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/19/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Last year, Kim Delaney was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after she was spotted weaving all over the Pacific Coast Highway. She later pleaded no contest to reckless driving. Now the 41-year-old actress, who was dropped from the cast of CSI: Miami last November because of a lack of chemistry with costar David Caruso, has checked herself into a rehab facility in Arizona to treat an addiction to alcohol. "Due to a stressful year, Kim made the decision to enter a program at Sierra Tucson," says her spokeswoman. Delaney entered the program in late April; no word on how long she will stay.

It's not often that a movie loses two of its stars on the same day, but that's what happened to The Stepford Wives, a remake of the 1975 sci-fi thriller. John Cusack was set to play Nicole Kidman's husband, while his sister Joan had been cast as Kidman's friend. Production had been expected to begin June 2, but in mid-April the Cusacks told the producers they had to drop out because of a family matter. According to a source, their father, actor-screenwriter Richard Cusack, is seriously ill and John and Joan wanted to spend time with him. The Cusack clan, which includes two other sisters and a brother (all actors), is extremely tight-knit. Meanwhile Stepford is back on schedule: Matthew Broderick has been tapped to fill John's role, and Bette Midler will fill in for Joan.

Ah, Nicole and her men. Can anyone keep them straight? During a busy Manhattan weekend the actress was spotted stepping out with not just one, but two of her supposed the same time! First Kidman had lunch with Jude Law at SoHo's trendy Mercer Kitchen. Then, the following night, Kidman and Law met up with Adrien Brody at Woo Lae Oak, a Korean barbecue restaurant. For the record, Kidman's rep says the actress and Law, who both star in the upcoming drama Cold Mountain, were having a little reunion—in fact Mountain director Anthony Minghella was at both meals—and that they happened to bump into Brody, who was staying at the same hotel as Law and Minghella.

Her singing career has just gotten off the ground, and already she's undergoing a label shake-up: Kelly Osbourne is leaving Sony Music. Her departure is tied to Sony CEO Tommy Mottola's exit in January. "He oversaw everything," says Sharon Osbourne. "We knew that was in store. It's an opportunity to start fresh." Even bigger news is that Ozzy Osbourne is also leaving Sony after 23 years. "No one's done anything wrong," adds Sharon, who's negotiating both their exits. "After all this time you get used to each other, so it's no longer exciting when a new album is turned in. We want that excitement back."

To celebrate the end of their second season, the cast and crew of the hit FOX series 24 threw a wrap party that included a raffle for the crew, with prizes donated by the stars. Dennis Haysbert ponied up a golf putter, Elisha Cuthbert kicked in tickets to the Indy 500, and Kiefer Sutherland gave away an electric guitar from his own collection. The actor also pitched in the most unusual item: the sock he used to cover his private parts while filming nude torture scenes.

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