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updated 05/26/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

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From C-List to Superstar

Hey, they had to start somewhere! Check out our gallery of actors such as Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and Halle Berry as they set out on the road to superstardom. Also in our Summer Movies special:

•Find out what stars demand for their on-set trailers

•Learn how stars get in shape for their action roles.


The Matrix's Hugo Weaving (left) has suffered from epilepsy since age 13. (He controls it through medication.) Caustic American Idol judge Simon Cowell has a soft side—he walks stray dogs at an animal shelter. Actress Michelle Yeoh won the 1983 Miss Malaysia pageant. Get the facts about hundreds of celebrities in our PEOPLE Profiles.

Poll asked: Do you think the finalists in this season's American Idol contest are better or worse than those in the first series?

Better 64%
Worse 36%

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