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updated 05/26/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/26/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Liner Notes
The newest prime-time drama: Celebs are rimming their inner eyes with dramatic black liner inspired by kohl—the fine, dark mineral powder favored by sirens since Cleopatra's time. "The style has an exotic quality that's perfect for evening," says Gretchen Mol's makeup artist Matin. Rea Ann Silva, who did Eve's look, adds that lining the inside of the eyes "is polished and makes the eyes 'pop,' since the whites look whiter." Middle Eastern markets carry real kohl, but most makeup artists simply use jet-black pencils made with kohl pigments (regular pencils are too waxy) set with a little powder. "Gretchen was wary at first," notes Matin, "but she loved the look." It's not for the timid, but who doesn't want the allure of an Egyptian queen?

behind the seams

winner's circle

Penélope Cruz was a postmodern goddess at an N.Y.C. reception to introduce Ralph Lauren's new fragrance Glamourous. Mixing tough and tender, Lauren's "face" paired his elegantly draped silk gown with a racy motorcycle jacket in butter-soft black leather. Insouciant, that—and a sensual way to rev up the evening.

TOKEN GESTURE: Phased out this month, the subway token lives on in the hearts of loyal New Yorkers like Sarah Jessica Parker, who wears a 14-karat gold replica as a kicky pendant. Parker bought her bauble from Mia & Kompany, creators of the diamond horseshoe that was her signature piece a while back. Bet we'll be seeing Parker's pendant on trendies who've never been near the subway....

HOT PANTS: Rock-chick alert—the hottest booty enhancer for the MTV set is Rock & Republic jeans by L.A. designer Michael Ball; in colors like pink, white and tan, R&Rs ($120-$160) have that sexy "I'm with the band" look, plus a lineup of styles named for rock legends. Jewel bares her midriff in the Elvis, while Cameron Diaz boogies in the low-slung Dylan. (Next up: Britney shimmying in the Justin?)

SWATCH WATCH: How did Drew Barrymore get her extravagant mane in the upcoming Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle? Credit Hollywood's new favorite fakes: Silky hair extensions from Great Lengths, made with "virgin" strands imported from India. The add-ons are crafted from tresses collected at temples where, by tradition, brides snip their long plaits. Gently depigmented and dyed, the enhancers are bonded to your own hair in a novel thermal process. Cost: $1,500 and up, depending on the amount of hair involved. Shake your head, darling....

Let Us Spray
Perfectionists, your time has come: Airbrushes used just for foundation have been trumped by an innovative system that lets you precision-spritz blush and eye shadow as well. The disk-size uslu airlines air(o)pak, which works with micronized water-based colors, powers the potions through a pen-size sprayer. Cost: $461 for the gizmo and $38 for each color. Celeb fans include Chloë Sevigny, star of the how-to video. (Note: Public touch ups may cause shock and awe; proceed with caution.)

Garden Variety
Darling buds of May: At the L.A. premiere of The Matrix Reloaded, three stars went au naturel—adorning their do's with blossoms. The plusses: No two are alike—and you can pluck them on impulse from your garden, as Maria Bello did. (Call it flower power.)

Wrist Watching
There's a new dangle to accessorizing: Stylish stars are snapping up hip little wrist bags to suit any mood—cool and cheeky (Jewel, Lucy Liu) or retro-ladylike (Mandy Moore). It's a chic, practical twist on last season's strapless clutch (so easy to leave behind on the seat of that stretch limo).

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