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50 Most Beautiful People I had to buy this issue with Halle Berry on the cover. No doubt she is beautiful, talented and charming. Often African-Americans have to fight for an image with beauty, especially in a society filled with stereotypes and ignorance.
Mimi Rochelle, LOS ANGELES, CALIF.

Hooray for Steve Martin! He has the true perspective on the most beautiful people thing.
Martha Anne Williamson, OCALA, FLA.

I was thrilled to see Queen Latifah listed among the 50 Most Beautiful People. Not only is she a strong and positive role model for women, but she is helping to dissipate the stereotype that beauty resides solely in a size 5.
Linda Grant, BRISTOW, OKLA.

Being a big horse-racing fan, I was excited to see jockey Gary Stevens in your issue. It takes a great deal of courage and smarts to balance upon a 1,000-lb. running machine.
Angel Kothe, HIGH RIDGE, MO.

While I was satisfied with many of the chosen 50 Most Beautiful, you made a huge error when you forgot to include Justin Timberlake. He is absolutely gorgeous.
Kristin Maccioche, MACOMB, MICH.

Why does Halle Berry end up on your cover, but Adrien Brody is nowhere to be found on your list? Their kiss would have been just a kiss were it not for Mr. Brody's immense charm, personality, love of life and good looks. If those aren't qualities that should embody the 50 Most Beautiful People, I don't know what is.
Kira Hopwood, TAMPA, FLA.

I agree Julia and Halle are beautiful people, but they are always on the list. I'd love to see new beautiful people. It's not much of a stretch to recycle last year's beauties. It does, however, take a bit more work on your staff's part to go out and identify new faces that I might not know.

I was shocked to see that you left out Renée Zellweger.
Cat Curtis, AUGUSTA, GA.

How could you include Susan Sarandon and George Clooney? Their war bashing of President Bush places them on my ugly American list.

As usual, PEOPLE'S 50 Most Beautiful was a misnomer. I looked in vain for photos of people who put their lives on the line daily to make this country a safer place—our soldiers, police officers, firefighters and health-care professionals. The saying that beauty is only skin deep certainly applies to this issue, since it is worth nothing more than the paper it is printed on and has about as much depth as one page.

Not only were they 50 of the most beautiful people, those fantastic and unusual photographs were outstanding. It's sometimes hard to remember that our icons are real people too!
Mica S. Deerfield, HOUSTON, TEXAS

Paxil Thanks for the article about the antidepressant Paxil. Like Katherine Keith, I was put on it for menopausal symptoms. I went off the medication with severe problems that were later diagnosed as vertigo. After reading your story, I now realize it wasn't all in my head.
Patt Bailey, EDGEWOOD, KY.

I have been prescribed the medications mentioned in your story. When using any drug, one must read the literature and work closely with a doctor when getting on or off any of these medications. To stop cold turkey because one feels better is irresponsible.
Dawn Willis, BREWSTER, N.Y.

Portraits of Motherhood
The photo portraits of Melanie Griffith, Elle MacPherson and other celebrity moms and their children in the May 19, 2003, issue were part of UNICEF's Great Expectations exhibit to raise money to combat maternal and neonatal tetanus. Readers interested in making a donation to fight MNT can contact UNICEF at or call 1-800-367-5437.

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