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In Bruce Almighty
Jim Carrey gets to play God for a couple of weeks. In the film, he keeps track of the flood of prayers he receives on Post-it notes that he plasters all over his office. Before shooting the scene, which happened to fall on the anniversary of 9/11, director Tom Shadyac gathered the cast and crew (except for Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman, who weren't filming that day) and asked everyone, including Carrey, to write a private thought commemorating the victims of the attacks on the Post-its that were to be used in the shot. "We all stood for 15 minutes in silence writing down our prayers," says costar Lisa Ann Walter. "It was really sweet."

Attention Britney
Spears wannabes: On May 22 the pop star will begin auctioning off some of her most recognizable stage costumes on to raise money for the Britney Spears Foundation. "I saw so many kids wearing outfits similar to mine, so I thought why not give them the chance to own the real things," says Spears. Costumes on the block include the infamous snake-trainer ensemble she wore on the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. "I'm never going to wear that," says Spears, whose mother, Lynne, did the first round of closet cleaning. Britney drew the line at donating the velvet dress she wore when she appeared as a 10-year-old on Star Search in 1992. "I could part with a lot," says Britney, "but not that."

Mark Wahlberg and his girlfriend, model Rhea Durham, are expecting their first child early this summer. The couple had agreed that Wahlberg would name the baby if it were a boy, while Durham would do the honors for a girl. Now they know: It will be a girl. No word on what Durham's choice might be. However, one thing is certain: "Wahlberg says the couple have absolutely no plans to tie the knot. "We don't want to throw a big party for everyone else," says Wahlberg. "We want to make sure that we're going to make it first."

Matt Damon hired
J.D. Harris, the chef for Miami Beach's hot restaurant Rumi, to prepare low-fat meals for him and his girlfriend Odessa Whitmire during their eight-week stay in Florida for his comedy Stuck on You. But you would never have known that Damon was watching his weight judging from the wrap party the actor threw at his rented Miami Beach digs on May 7. Harris cooked up a feast of steaks, shrimp and chocolate cake for the 70 guests, including Damon's costar Greg Kinnear, friends John Cusack and Lisa Bonet and the film's writer-directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly.


Kelly Osbourne is enjoying the single life these days. "You can hook up with anyone you want, and you don't have to deal with any of the long-term feelings," she told us. As for brother Jack, who's entering his fourth week in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, she says, "I'm proud of him for recognizing the problem and raking care of it."...

Sightings: Brittany Murphy buying $879 worth of CDs at a Virgin Megastore in L.A. Actually, celebrity photographer Patrick Demarchelier, who was with Murphy, paid for the albums and then applied for a frequent-buyer card.

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