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Matt LeBlanc's Wedding!
A big thank-you to Matt and Melissa for sharing some of their wedding photos with PEOPLE. It was nice of them to share their happiness. I wish him and his gorgeous new bride nothing but joy.
Amberlin Tannehill, LONDON, ENGLAND

Nice article on Matt LeBlanc's wedding. And thanks for throwing in the photos of Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston in their bikinis.
Richard Fried, BROOKLYN, N.Y.

Black and White Proms
I had to stop reading this issue of PEOPLE and write a letter in disbelief. I cannot believe in this day and age that schools are still allowed to have separate black and white proms. As an active-duty military member, I have the privilege of working with all types of people. This world is full of enough hate and prejudice. We don't need to reinforce this type of narrow-minded behavior among young adults growing up in the melting pot of the world.
Andi Tibbs Wenzler, NASHVILLE, TENN

Let me get this straight. Black and white kids sit separately in the lunch room and the proms are segregated. If I hadn't read this in your magazine, I would have thought it came out of a 1954 history book.

As a student who attends a school teeming with cultural diversity, I was shocked to read this article. Is racism still alive in Georgia? To hear an editor of a school newspaper and a local sheriff openly deny having a separate prom is not a form of racism is appalling. If this is not racial discrimination, then I am not sure what is.
Emily Williams, DUCHESS, ALTA.

As the mother of two interracial children, I work at the local high school, and we have zero tolerance for racism. I have told my children how years ago there were people who would have prevented their father and me from being married or even dating. I explained how far equal rights have come and how the soldiers of this nation fought and gave their lives for freedom. I thought freedom applied to all colors.
Jackie Prado, KAMIAH, IDAHO

Your cover took my breath away! Who knew our Joey was such a romantic?
Kristina Mahoney, BELMONT, MASS.

By all means, the black and white students should be allowed to hold segregated proms. The black students at Johnson County High should take it a step further. White students at their whites-only prom ought to be prohibited from listening to music by black artists or dancing in ways inspired by blacks. Popular black artists such as Destiny's Child and Nelly should offer free entertainment and make a point of barring white students at the door. Then we'll see how long the segregation lasts.
Christine Schroeder, ST. JOSEPH, MICH.

As a biracial teen, which prom, Ms. Rachels, would you recommend I attend?
Courtney Parker, OLD SAYBROOK, CONN.

Mother's Day: 9/11 Moms
Your tribute to these moms and their babies was wonderful. Watching these babies grow and learning that these mothers are finding renewed happiness was truly touching and moving.
Rachel Hairston, CAMERON, TEXAS

Gerald Mason
I am the eldest daughter of slain El Segundo, Calif., police officer Richard Phillips. After reading your article "Final Justice," I immediately felt the story was pro Gerald Mason. My brother Richard gave an extensive interview to one of your correspondents on how it affected our family for 45 years, and yet you chose to quote Mason's family extensively in your article. But what about my family and the Curtis family? Police officer Milton Curtis also had a son and daughter who suffered their whole lives without a father. I realize the Mason family are victims too, but I do not feel Gerald Mason deserves recognition. Being a good father and neighbor depicts him to be a good person. He is a thief, rapist and murderer.
Carolyn Phillips-Stewart

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