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Sea of Love?
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore set sail on a new relationship

Demi Moore has got a hot new body, a hot new movie (Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, opening June 27), and now apparently she's got a hot new playmate.

Moore, 41, has recently been keeping company with Hollywood party boy Ashton Kutcher, 25, who split with actress Brittany Murphy in April. Two weeks ago the duo and a group of friends dined together in a private room at Dolce Enoteca, the hip L.A. eatery of which Kutcher is part owner. Then, last week, Moore and Kutcher headed to Miami, where, according to a source, they checked into the Mandarin Oriental hotel a few days before the Memorial Day weekend. On May 22 the pair met up with Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and his companion Kim Porter to go out to dinner at Macaluso's, an old-style Italian restaurant in Miami Beach. An insider says the foursome enjoyed two bottles of wine and noshed on ravioli, grilled chicken and mussels. When the group left at closing time, a witness says, Moore and Kutcher shared a "very romantic" kiss as they got into their car.

The same party boarded a yacht and took off for a Memorial Day weekend cruise. Moore's representative Stephen Huvane confirms that the actress went on the trip with Kutcher, but Huvane refuses to characterize the couple's relationship as romantic. "I've heard the rumors," says Huvane, "but I haven't heard them from her mouth."

Oprahmania Hits the Road
Move over, Metallica. Tickets to Oprah Winfrey's four-city Live Your Best Life arena tour sold out quickly after they became available. Now the coveted ducats are showing up on eBay, with scalpers pocketing up to $2,600 apiece for the $185 tickets. While that may be excessive, prices may climb even higher. The last two stops, in Tampa and Philadelphia, are not until late June. So what exactly will $2,600 buy a rabid fan? Attendees at the daylong self-improvement seminars will receive an "inspirational" talk by the queen of daytime herself as well as workshop materials, a gift bag and lunch. "We obviously don't want people paying more than the ticket price," says a spokeswoman for O, The Oprah Magazine, "but Oprah's fans are just so dedicated they're willing to do whatever it takes to see her."

Caught in the Matrix
Think the plot of The Matrix is convoluted? Consider the twists and turns of co-creator Larry Wachowski's personal life. Intensely media-shy, Wachowski, 37, who cowrote and codirected the Matrix films with his brother Andy, 35, raised eyebrows when he arrived at the L.A. premiere of The Matrix Reloaded on May 8 with a voluptuous 5'10" blonde named Karin Winslow. According to Winslow's ex-husband Jake Miller, Winslow, 36, is an L.A.-based dominatrix who used to run an S&M Web site. (Miller himself is a transsexual who was once a model named Laura.) Six days later Wachowski's estranged wife of nine years, Thea Bloom, won her legal bid to freeze her husband's business assets until "an orderly distribution" of their properties could take place. Although Bloom would not comment on their pending divorce, she noted in court papers that the decision to separate was "based on intimate circumstances, which I do not elaborate at this time for reasons of his personal privacy." Wachowski declined to comment.

Ben for Sale
Last week Ben Affleck, 30, signed a deal with cosmetic giant L'Oréal to plug the company's line of shampoos and hair-care products in an international print ad campaign for a reported $1 million plus. His fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, 33, also landed an endorsement deal with L'Oréal in 1998, But don't expect to see the macho Daredevil star hawking hair gel in magazines here. The ads will appear "all over the world, except North America and Mexico," says a company rep.

Card Carrying Liberals
Not sure what to bring to Rush Limbaugh's poker night? Consider the Deck of Weasels, playing cards featuring 54 celebs and politicians who criticized the Bush Administration's Iraq policy. Inspired by the Pentagon's "Most Wanted" deck—the terrorist gallery of Saddam Hussein and his henchmen—the Weasel deck is the brainchild of Christopher Ruddy, founder of the conservative Web site, and his staff. The cards include George Clooney, who cautioned that the war could not be won, and Barbra Streisand, who railed against Bush's foreign policy. Ruddy's Web site has sold an estimated 35,000 decks since May 8 (at $14.95 each). Most of the celebs had no comment. But Susan Sarandon says, "I am elated to know there are enough people to make a full deck."

The Fast & The Famous
The need for speed attracted dozens of celebrity motorheads to Indianapolis on May 25 for the 87th Indy 500. "That first rev of the engines" is what it's all about, says race fan Tim Allen. David Letterman, Paula Abdul and Muhammad Ali were all trackside, as was The Bachelor's Andrew Firestone, who spent the afternoon nuzzling his new fiancée, Jen Schefft. Despite their accelerated romance, Firestone, 27, says he's no closet lead foot: "I go slow enough to drive Miss Daisy." Other stars admitted to having inner speed demons. Wynonna Judd once broke 110 mph, though that was "before [having] children." Bill Clinton says that as a teen, he drove "faster than I should have." But 7th Heaven's Beverley Mitchell got her rush from many sources: "It's speed. It's cars. The boys aren't bad either."

PLACE: Sessa, the spacious New York City nightclub owned by models (and sisters) Veronika and Vanessa Haydon.

STAR CLIENTELE: Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele Bündchen, Tobey Maguire, Snoop Dogg, Jared Leto, Tyson Beckford, Paris and Nicky Hilton.

THE SCENE: Decorated with Asian statues and richly hued fabrics and featuring intricately carved wooden huts, the bi-level 11,000-sq.-ft. dance club has a distinctly Balinese feel. Despite the lounge's intimate vibe, the celeb action tends to be on the livelier side. Recently a miniskirted Heather Graham was spotted dancing atop the bar with Jackass's Johnny Knoxville. And Lillo Brancato Jr., who played Mob hit man Matt Bevilaqua on The Sopranos, reenacted his murder on the show for bar patrons.


with Hugh Jackman

Australian actor Hugh Jackman (X2: X-Men United) will host the Tonys June 8 on CBS. He'll take his own turn on Broadway this fall, portraying the late singer-songwriter Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz. Scoop spoke with Jackman, 34, on the set of his latest film, Van Helsing, in which he plays the vampire hunter.

Talk to us about your Van Helsing hair.

I'm a rock star! It's my fantasy all come true. Although my 3-year-old boy [Oscar] thinks I'm a girl. He says, "Daddy, you're Mummy now."

How will you wear it at the Tonys?

Braided like Pippi Longstocking. No, I think a simple kind of ponytail. I don't think my dad will appreciate it. I mean, here I am hosting the Tonys looking like a bloody hippie.

Your dad was in L.A. with you recently.

My dad had a great time because we had these courtside seats [for the Lakers]. But Dad had never seen a basketball game in his life. Halfway through the first quarter he said, "You know, that number 34, with the yellow jersey, he's quite handy." I said, "That's Shaq!"

Was presenting an Oscar good practice for the Tonys?

I had a ball. It was slightly odd because I'm used to watching the Oscars at a party. I'm used to yelling things at the screen.

How did you get the role of Peter Allen?

My extensive Hawaiian shirt collection. And I have a secret stash of maracas as well.

Are you musical?

If you walk past my trailer you'll hear me occasionally playing on my little electric piano.

When can your son Oscar see the X-Men movies?

He's not ready yet. But he's got a Wolverine doll, and he thinks it's hysterical to break Daddy's leg. He used to hug the doll and call it Da-Da. Now we're into mutilating Da-Da.


Never one to tolerate clutter, Martha Stewart is selling one of the two homes she owns in East Hampton, N.Y.—the one she started to renovate but never found time to finish. Built in 1962 by famed architect Gordon Bunshaft (who designed Manhattan's Lever House) and purchased by Stewart in 1995 for $3 million, the 2,600-sq.-ft., two-bedroom house on Georgica Pond is smaller than neighboring homes owned by Calvin Klein and Steven Spielberg. Asking price: $12.5 million.

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