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updated 06/09/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/09/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Reality Whites
Sure, only Ruben Studdard walked away as a bona fide American Idol—but when it came to style, everybody won on the show's second-season ender when the finalists were decked out in dazzling white. "Normally you don't wear white on TV because it's so difficult to light," explains Idol's wardrobe stylist Miles Siggins. "But we thought it would be just amazing visually—and we were right!" From an elegant Kimberley Locke to a sexy Trenyce to a dapper Clay Aiken, everyone "wore something reflecting their personality," he says. And like true stars-in-the-making, the Idol crew knew a good look when they saw it: Each of the fledgling celebs took their bright whites home.

behind the seams

VOW WOWS: Celeb brides get as hyper as anyone when it comes to "I do's," but hand-holders like L.A. wedding planner Mindy Weiss keep them sane. Now you can be as serene (and stylish) as Weiss brides including Gwen Stefani with the pro's Ultimate Wedding Planner: A taupe-canvas organizer that can be carried like a purse, it includes a notebook, pockets for swatches and hints from Mindy herself. (It's $99; call 888-777-3414.) Weiss client Elizabeth Berkley takes hers on location, like a security blanket....

DESIGNING DIVAS: Tina Knowles, mother of the bootylicious Beyoncé and designer for Destiny's Child, is partnering with her daughter to create a high-end clothing line. Possibly called B-Wear (for, yes, Beyoncé), it could hit the racks next summer. Till then, check out Tina's book Destiny's Style—it's got the lowdown on tricks like dyeing lingerie to match your skin tone so sheer clothing looks really sheer. (Thanks, Mom.)...

FLAVOR OF THE MONTH: Kate Spade's latest batch of bags is near to her heart—or sweet tooth. A longtime Häagen-Dazs lover, Spade concocted a collection inspired by tees sold in Häagen-Dazs shops in the late '70s. Available only this summer, the totes come in an array of colors (and flavors); if you scoop one up, 10 percent of the profits will go to an arts program for New York City schools. (Hot fudge, optional.)


At the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Martina McBride and Deana Carter both arrived in Prada's $1,900 brocade minidress, cut down to there. Looks like big hair and cowboy boots are gone with the wind. (What would Loretta Lynn say?)

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

Leading candidate for Most Popular Skirt of the Summer? Breezy handkerchief-hem styles like those worn by Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union and Jewel are making a strong showing. Worn at the hip and paired with tanks and heels, they're scoring points on warm days, as well as sultry nights.

Magic Markers

YSL's sleek new line of lip "markers" are modeled on the versions we loved in grade school. Available in four exotic-fruit shades (lychee, bougainvillea, grenadine, blackberry), they contain a water-based formula that leaves lips looking freshly stained for hours. These grown-up markers are a fave of makeup artist Gucci Westman, who's worked on the Angels, Drew, Cameron and Lucy. (Hint: Color inside the lines this time around.)

Carried Away

Tara Boone's whimsical weekend bags are the totes of the town: Tinseltown, that is. Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes and Molly Sims are hooked on the bags' vibrant prints, which Boone designs in watercolor. An added fillip: Hangtags that describe the sassy characters (invented by Boone) who "inspired" each design. The stories and patterns change each season, so each bag is a collectible. Now whether Boone's fans are fonder of her fictional friends or the roomy totes themselves is anybody's guess....

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