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Rodney Yee, Oakland, Calif.

•PAST LIVES: Yee, 46, was once a dancer with the Oakland Ballet.

•STILL LIVING DOWN: Time calling him a "stud-muffin guru." ("No one flirts with me," he says—a good thing, since he's married. Wife Donna Fong, 44, is his business partner.)

•PRACTICES HIS POSES: 1-4 hours a day


•CELEB CLIENTS: Demi Moore, Donna Karan

Duncan Wong, New York City

•BODY ART: His tattoos include an om and a dragon.

•CLARK KENT COMPLEX: "I aspire to be a comic-book superhero archetype," says Wong, 35. "I like to protect the weak."

•LOVE KNOT? Yoga is "half-clad people contorting themselves into animal positions," says Wong, who's dating an ex-student. "People can get hurt—and fall in love."

•CELEB CLIENTS: Madonna, Sting

Baron Baptiste, Boston


"A lot of teachers are kids in a candy store. I got that out of my system early," says Baptiste, 39. "Me seeing students doesn't work." (He's dating a yoga teacher.)

•IN THE GENES: His parents opened San Francisco's first yoga studio; his three kids "can stand on their heads. But they'd rather snowboard."

•CELEB CLIENTS: Helen Hunt, Elisabeth Shue

Tim Miller, Encinitas, Calif.

•POWER OF THE POSE: "When you're an instructor, people project qualities on you that you don't necessarily possess: wisdom, insight, magnetism," says Miller, 52. "Women are attracted to you."


Before Miller married Carol, 44, a former student, she "would tease me that I'm a babe magnet. Now she feels pretty secure."

•BRUSH WITH FAME: He was once Woody Harrelson's stunt double on Cheers.

Rolf Gates, Boston

•MACHO CREDENTIALS: He was an Army Airborne Ranger and an EMT before taking up yoga in 1993.


"Definitely not," says Gates, 39. "I'm a husband and father [to newborn Jasmine]."

•GURU TO: The Boston Ballet

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