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Demi Monde
I'm glad to see Demi Moore on your cover. She and I are the same age and she looks fabulous. My advice to Demi is enjoy yourself and have fun. You're beautiful.

Bravo to Demi for doing what powerful men have been doing since time immemorial—hooking up with the young and beautiful. Speaking for all the other still-juicy, fortysomething women out there, let's hope this is the start of a trend.

As a supremely youthful 47-year-old woman who has kept to her goal of dating men at least 10-15 years younger, I believe Diana Ross sang it best: "If there's a cure for this, I don't want it."
Elisa Cibrario, LONG BEACH, N.Y.

When Michael Douglas or Paul McCartney or Harrison Ford gets a sweet young thing, it's "Way to go, boy." But when a woman dares to get involved with a younger man, he's automatically called a boy toy, and she's a cradle-robber. I say go for it, Demi and every single woman tired of these old men.
Janet Dabbs-Neal, TYLER, TAXAS

Is this relationship based on love or publicity? I'm sure the ratings it gleans will soon reveal the truth and how long this relationship will last. She's much too classy.
Lydia Linares, MODESTO, CALIF.

Demi, Demi, Demi. What are you thinking? He's cute, has a great body, and I'm sure the conversation is ever so intellectually stimulating. But think of your daughters. Is this the kind of behavior you want them to imitate?
Linda Flack, SEMINOLE, FLA.

Enough of the double standard. I can't believe Demi's and Ashton's ages were put on your cover! Are we still in the Dark Ages?
Tina Vassar, VIA E-MAIL

Lyme Aid
You are to be congratulated for your story "Hidden Plague." With diseases like SARS and monkey-pox rating the headlines, Lyme disease is normally relegated to the small type under the shipping news—if at all. As someone whose family has suffered the ravages of the disease, I have seen its neglect by both the press and medical community at large. Lyme disease deserves the continuing coverage your magazine has given it.
Bert Randolph Sugar, CHAPPAQUA, N.Y.

I swear I was reading about my mother! She has had almost every one of the symptoms described in your story, and no doctor could pinpoint what was wrong. People has always been one of my favorite magazines, and now even more so.
Kerri Hawley, DECATUR, ARK.

Carnie Show
When I read the first few articles about Carnie Wilson's weight-loss journey, it was okay and interesting. Now it's a book and she has posed for Playboy? Get over it, girl. You've lost your weight. Now be happy and stop trying to make a living out of it!
Barbara Gonzalez, MIAMI, FLA.

Remembering Laci
In our May 19 story on Laci Peterson's memorial service, we inadvertently published the poem read at her mother's request, without crediting its author, Carole Bruzzano-Ricci. The full text of the poem runs here:

Mom, Share 'Our' Smile
with the World
I am embraced in love and light
And my baby embraced by me
God's loving arms, they hold us now
For all Eternity
The laughter we shared—
keep laughing,
I still laugh with you
No more sleepless nights, Mom
Please rest for me
In the morning I'll be there
Rising with the sun
I am in your soul
I am your sunlight
I am the rays breaking through
Mom, please understand
I do this now for you
and from all that you have taught me
I learned to never be kept down—
My smile he could not take from me
My smile gracing the screen
It's your smile, Mom
It's your smile now, they see
For all I've become—
It's because of you
and all the world now sees
My tears
My hope
and now—a spirit
Soaring free
In our smile, Mom
It's in our smile,
Smile again, for me.

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