Bling Fit for a King

updated 07/21/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/21/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT


$21 million last year

•$16 million from the Duchy of Cornwall (see box)

•$5 million in government grants, including $3.5 million from the Queen to finance trips and maintain palaces

TOTAL WEALTH: Estimated at $704 million


•Appears at more than 500 engagements a year

•Patron of 350 charities

•Last year he traveled more than 33,000 miles on official duties, held more than 150 meetings and helped raise over $114 million for selected charities

•Allows 20,000 guests to visit the garden at Highgrove, again for charity


$21 million, including: HOUSES

•$109,210 on his gardens

•$42,380 on household cleaning

•$3.14 million of taxpayer money in 2002 to renovate London home Clarence House

STAFF $5.1 million for 91 staff, including:

•A valet (one former valet famously put toothpaste on his toothbrush, filled and emptied his baths and even held a cup for his urine sample), private secretary and four assistants; three chefs; two butlers; two chauffeurs; five housekeepers; and eight gardeners

PARAMOUR $204,100, including:

•$69,600 for two security guards

•$17,400 on home security

•$52,200 a year in clothes


•$1.37 million on official events

•573,350 in gifts


•Saville Row suits (starting at $3,700 each) and handmade boots (starting at $1,140 a pair)

•Upkeep for 16 polo ponies and six hunting horses

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