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Please never publish another photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a tiny bathing suit! Many women, including myself, have a picture in our minds of what we like to think he looks like under his clothes.
Renee M. Nelson, AURORA, ILL.

Bodies of Evidence

That Demi Moore is a babe. But isn't it strange how movie stars don't age anymore? If I were a celebrity and had a personal trainer, maybe I'd look 20 years younger. But I'm part of the rank and file doing the best to pay my daily bills. This is why I'm naturally aging and beginning to look like Ozzy Osbourne.
Bill Wittig, ASHLAND, VA.

When my husband and I were dating back in the '70s, he always wanted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well, now he does, but my husband had enough sense years ago to give up Speedos.

In my day, J.Lo's beauty-redefining booty would have been referred to, at best, as a squishy tushie.

Lara Flynn Boyle is literally disappearing before our eyes. She now looks like nothing more than skin and bones. Her friends may think they are being supportive by claiming that people are just picking on her, but they're doing her no favors.
Natasha Harhold, WESTLAND, MICH.

An emaciated body is not beautiful but ghastly. Juxtaposing current and past pictures of Calista Flockhart illuminates the clear difference between a healthy woman and an anorexic one.
Tricia Joedicke, ST. LOUIS, MO.

What a miracle! Women in their 20s and 30s with hot bodies. As I recall, it wasn't much of a challenge when I was that young. When you show women who have gone through pregnancy and menopause with hot bodies and tell us how they got that way, I will be impressed. That would be a miracle.
Ruth Wendrovsky, CHAPEL HILL, N.C.

Dollars and Sense

I was so disgusted after reading about Larry Schenone that I could barely type this letter. Oh, how terrible it is that his family may have to move out of their huge home and find something more modest or that the kids may not be able to attend a posh private school. My husband and I work our butts off just to make ends meet, to pay bills, fill our tanks with gas and to be able to send our 8-month-old daughter to daycare. My advice? Sell the house, send the kids to public school and clip coupons. It works for others who make an excruciating income of less than $100,000 per year.

My husband and I live in a 1,500-sq.-ft. home and earn a combined income of $90,000. We choose to send our three children to a private school at a cost of $13,000 per year. We don't have $300 birthday parties, and our kids are aware of the value of money. Yes, we would be devastated by the loss of my husband's job, but because we don't live beyond our means, we know we could survive in a motel if we had to. I'm sympathetic to the Schenones, but why they ended up in PEOPLE is beyond me.

Gift of Life

Good job to Nelly for bringing attention to the fact that minorities are a minimal percentage of the total bone marrow registry. Last year my mother lost her battle to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which had evolved into a form of leukemia. Her immediate siblings were tested—as well as her children—with no matches. We held our own drives and searched the registry, but unfortunately she lost her battle. The bright side to our loss is that we did increase the number of Hispanic donors, which would have made my mother proud.
Daniella Herrera, VIA E-MAIL

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