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Cynics be damned: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle has come and gone and that headline-making couple, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, are still going strong. The high-profile couple took a quick trip to Las Vegas last weekend. On Friday night, they played blackjack at the Bellagio; guards surrounded their table to ensure their privacy. Around midnight, after calling ahead for a security escort, they went to Treasure Island for a private party at the Kahunaville Restaurant, where they were spotted being very affectionate. The couple then spent the night in a Treasure Island suite before checking out the next day.

One thing about the young and famous in Hollywood: They know how to throw a party. On July 11 singer Nick Lachey hosted a 23rd-birthday bash for his wife, pop star Jessica Simpson, at L.A.'s new hot spot the Concorde. Four hundred of the couple's friends, including Jessica Alba, Pink, Jessica Biel, Lance Bass, Seth Green and Taye Diggs, showed up at the soiree, which had a Mad Hatter's tea party theme. Playing cards dangled from the ceiling and rose-filled teapots decorated the tables. The highlight was the cake: a gigantic butter-cream-and-raspberry-filled concoction. Says one attendee: "She had a smile on her face the whole night."

In Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Drew Barrymore's character becomes the butt of many jokes when she reveals her real name is Helen Zass. (Say it fast a few times. You'll get it.) A screenwriter's juvenile joke? Actually, no. Barrymore tells us she really went to elementary school with someone who had that unfortunate moniker. "She was a good girl who drew very nicely," says Barry more. "I was the dirty, confused kid who couldn't draw worth a crap."

Leonardo DiCaprio is now "carbon neutral." No, he's not on a hip new diet. Working with an environmental group called Future Forests, the eco-friendly actor is helping offset global carbon emissions (which exacerbate the greenhouse effect) by sponsoring the planting of 1,000 trees in four forests around the world. Actually, according to Future Forests, it only takes 15 trees to "neutralize" DiCaprio, whose carbon dioxide emissions are about half of an average American's since he drives an electric car.


Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Baghdad recently to screen Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines for American troops. After flying back to L.A., Schwarzenegger took to heart the requests he had gotten from a number of service members to relay messages to their families back home. The star personally called the spouses and mothers of a number of those he met abroad, all of whom were stunned to be getting a ring from the Terminator....

Simon Cowell just signed a deal to write his autobiography. According to a source, the American Idol judge is getting a cool $2 million for the book....

Tween queen Hilary Duff has been dating singer Aaron Carter for three months. Now Duff says the couple have called it quits. Apparently the two were having trouble dealing with a long-distance relationship: Carter, 15, lives in Florida, while Duff, 15, is busy in L.A. where she's shooting her next film, Cinderella Story.

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