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updated 07/28/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/28/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Hot Specs
For celebs, sunglasses aren't just accessories—they're night-and-day essentials that serve as camouflage while proclaiming the wearer's utter cool. Famous faces are making the scene in two styles: oversize Jackie O. shades (Lucy Liu, Brooke Shields) or rimless gold frames with amber lenses (Demi Moore, J.Lo). Eyewear consultant Dan Deutsch explains the difference: Large, dark frames are "associated with stardom and a feeling of power—they're classic" while the modern, rimless shades are "sheer and flattering; they cover up wrinkles." Now that's Hollywood....

Get the look...

Black plastic sunglasses, $32, Nine West at select Macy's stores.

Gravity rimless glasses, $28, Fantas-Eyes at Urban Outfitters.

behind the seams

winner's circle

Let us compare her to a summer's day.... At the Festival of Speed on the Goodwood Estate in Chichester, England, Elle Macpherson couldn't have looked classier. In a simple sheath worn with flowing hair, '60s-style shades, a tank watch and simple Prada sandals, she looked like the lady of the (modern) manner. Brilliant, as the Brits would say.

SUMMER FLING: Hermès's go-everywhere Twilly scarf—a little silk something to thread through belt loops or tie around a ponytail—has made it into the movies. Now shooting 13 Going on 30 in N.Y.C., Jennifer Garner sports a lime Twilly in the Les Allures pattern onscreen. Also seen on J.Lo, the scarf ($95 at adorns the handle of Garner's Hogan tote, but think how chic she'd look waving her Hermes to flag a cab!...
Hermès's Twilly scarf (left, in pink) has a role in Jennifer Garner's new film.

STARS AND STRIPES: Celebs are showing their stripes in the form of breezy pieces from Pamella Protzel. Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker have flipped for a $130 sundress from Protzel's Ella Moss line: S.J. was so taken when she wore it on Sex and the City that she nabbed Carrie's dress for her own. Life imitates art, indeed....
Stripe-ing out: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Ella Moss; 323-651-4129.

And speaking of Sarah Jessica, what happened when she got a craving for the perfect pink polish? With manicurist Deborah Lippmann, she created her dream color: a shade that's "super clean and natural," says Lippmann. Dubbed "Sarah Smile," it's now part of Lippmann's polish line. Next up: Lippmann's "Diva Series"—jazzy shades created with Kelly Ripa and other clients. Guess you can't expect one celeb to fly another's colors.
True colors: "Sarah Smile," $15;

Bohemian Rhapsody
Hollywood's wild for swingy gold earrings—the kind that give gypsies and pirates a sexy swagger. Worn this year with sleek neutrals (rather than, say, peasant skirts), the hoops look "fresh and new," says Jessica Simpson. Adds stylist Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig who let Kelly Hu borrow her vintage hoops): "They instantly dress up any outfit." And give you a touch of sass....

Pump Up the Volume
No treading softly for Drew Barrymore and other bold souls stepping out in tropical colors like parrot yellow and ripe watermelon. Paired with smart solids, these look-at-me pumps prove that when it comes to creating a flirty vibe, bright is right.

Peace, Love...and Soap
Insiders loyal to natural skin-and body-care from Kiss My Face (Madonna, Katie Holmes) may soon be in a lather over Sudz, organic bath treats from the same company. Soaps and body washes have names like C-Weed and Salad Bar and feature earthy ingredients like parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and...hemp. Sounds like hippie chic—minus the grime.
Sudz's fragrant bar soaps, $6 (

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