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"Being the child of a rock legend sounds alluring," says producer Alan Handel of the new generation profiled in Bravo's Singing in the Shadows on July 27. "But they all struggled." Can you match the progeny with the pop icon?

PHIL COLLINS, 52, taught son Simon Collins, 26, to play drums at 5. Thanks to the name, "people might not change the radio channel for another 30 seconds," says the Germany-based singer-drummer.

"Oh my God, I've thought about changing my name so many times," says singer A.J. Croce, 31, who was 2 when his father, singer JIM CROCE, died in a plane crash in '73 at 30. "But I can't run away from it."

Keyboardist James Raymond, 41, who was adopted in infancy, didn't meet father DAVID CROSBY, 61, until '94: "I knew my biological dad was a musician. I joke with him I thought it was Jackson Browne."

Son of Everly Brother PHIL EVERLY, 64, ex-musician Jason Everly, 36, runs the family's guitar-string business in L.A.: "You're proud as hell of your parents." The downside is, "you're not a blank piece of paper."

Singer-songwriter Teddy Richards, 40, plays guitar for mom ARETHA FRANKLIN, 61: "I don't think she's at the point where she sees how accomplished I am. She has a handful just being Aretha."

Sara Lee Guthrie, 24, who lives in Columbia, S.C., plays guitar with her folk-hero dad, ARLO GUTHRIE, 56. But it was her husband, guitarist Johnny Irion, "who taught me to play. I came to music through him."

"I think my father is one of the greatest performers ever," says Dublin-based techno deejay Louis Osbourne, 28, the offspring of metal rocker OZZY OSBOURNE, 54, and his first wife. "I may be biased."

"I hate fame," says Sally Taylor, 29, daughter of JAMES TAYLOR, 55, and his ex-wife CARLY SIMON, 58. So why has the Boulder, Colo., resident cut three albums? "I'm still trying to figure that out."

ANSWERS: A.A.J. Croce B. Jason Everly C. Louis Osbourne D. Sally Taylor E. James Raymond F. Simon Collins G. Teddy Richards H. Sara Lee Guthrie

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