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originally published 07/28/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Risk Aversion
Jackie Chan plays a thief in his next adventure, Around the World in 80 Days, based on the Jules Verne novel. The action hero's years of stunt training mean he's developed pretty decent cat-burglar skills off-screen. "I'm just like Spider-Man. I have climbed over the fence and up the building [to get into my house]," says Chan, 49. "And I know the way to open locks and other secret tricks to getting in." The action hero, who has fractured his skull and broken his nose, jaw, shoulder and fingers while doing his own stunts, is thrilled to now be making a family film. "I don't plan to break anything else," says Chan. "It's a PG movie, so you don't have to risk anything."

The Sound of Music
R&B singer Mýa doesn't have to look far for musical inspiration—even a household appliance can prompt a performance. "I'll actually start humming a melody off the note of a whirring fan or tapping my foot to the rhythm of the bathtub dripping," says Mýa, 24, whose third album, Moodring, hits stores July 22. "I hear melodies from natural sounds like birds chirping or the taxis and construction in Manhattan." Occasionally, however, Mýa wishes she could stop the music. "In the middle of a conversation, I'll start humming or moving my feet, and my friends will say, 'You can't be serious,' " she says. "It's such a reflex that I'm totally unaware I look like an idiot."

Cyber Scare
In Lifetime's true-life drama Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story, airing on July 21, Annie Potts portrays a crusader against online pedophiles, a subject that hits close to home for the actress. "I'm anxious about my kids stumbling into bizarre chat rooms," says Potts, 50, who has three sons, Clay, 22, Doc, 11, and Harry, 7. "Also, it peeves me that every time I open my e-mail, I have 500 messages asking if my husband wants to make part of his anatomy larger." Once, Potts's online research practically scared her to death. "I Googled myself, which was a mistake, because one of the first sites listed said, 'Annie Potts is dead,' " she says. "I almost fell out of my chair. I thought, 'What evil portal have I fallen into?' But it was actually the title of a book about a Scottish washwoman who'd been murdered in London. I was enormously relieved it wasn't a hate site about me."

Sex and the Single Woman
Since her split from her husband, audio-equipment exec Mark Levinson, in February, Kim Cattrall's social life hasn't lived up to the standards set by Samantha Jones, her randy alter ego on Sex and the City. "I'm still trying to get used to dating," says Cattrall, 46, who's had to learn how to deal with cheesy pickup lines once again. "Recently, someone asked me to dance by saying, 'Show me what you got,' and I said, 'Oh my God. Unbelievable.' " Being in the public eye has also meant that men she's seen with often end up in the gossip columns. Although Cattrall can laugh off the scrutiny, she fears for those caught on film with her. "My gay friends are photographed with me, and then people think they're heterosexual," says Cattrall. "It's not very good for them."

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