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Touched by an Angel

As if Florida in July weren't sufficiently steamy, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz added to the heat last week. Diaz attended Timberlake's July 15 concert in Orlando, then flew to Miami with him the next day. Later that night they went with friends to the Miami Beach hot spot Mynt Lounge and lingered until around 3:30 a.m. "They were all over each other, cuddling and making out," says an insider at the club.

Later during their stay, Timberlake and the rest of 'N Sync spent time playing sports for Challenge for the Children. On Friday the couple dined at Nobu at Shore Club with pals including Timberlake's mom. "Cameron and Justin could hardly keep their hands off one another long enough to eat," says a source at the restaurant. Mom didn't seem to mind.

Justin TimberFake?
He doesn't get to date Cameron, but for Dom Curtin, there is a lot of upside to resembling Justin Timberlake. Curtin, 18, has found work as lookalike "Justin Timberfake." Too bad the Cardiff, Wales, native can't take his face off at the end of the day; recently a T.V. crew chased him in London. "I kept saying, 'My name is Dom, leave me alone,' but they said, 'No.' It got scary," recalls Curtin. "I felt what it was like to be Justin."

Initial Reports
At least she didn't choose a glyph. Reports surfaced last week that Madonna, a devotee of the Jewish mystical faith Kabbalah, has asked friends to call her by her newly adopted Jewish name, Esther. The rumors heated up after the star was spotted wearing a diamond "E" pendant around her neck. Was the artist formerly known as Madonna changing labels? No, insists the singer's manager, Caresse Henry. The initial is a tribute to Madonna's grandmother, Elsie Fortin, 92. "She knows nothing about Esther," says Henry. "She thinks it's all ridiculous."

Stork to Visit Crowe
Unleash diapers! Russell Crowe and his wife, Danielle Spencer, are expecting a baby in January. "Dani is 14 weeks and three days," Crowe told an Australian TV station. "It is a lot of fun, and she is feeling all the effects of it." So too are the grandparents. "We are delighted," says Spencer's father, Don. "This will be the first [grandchild] for us." Crowe, 39, married the 32-year-old singer-actress on April 7 at his 560-acre cattle ranch in Australia.

Is Joey Going Solo?
Who'll be the next Frasier? How about Joey? Execs at NBC, a source says, "were pulling out all the stops" for Matt LeBlanc to become the first, and possibly only, member of the Friends cast to get his own spinoff after Central Perk serves its last latte in the sitcom's 10th and final season next year. "Matt has been the only one to express a real interest in keeping his character alive," says the insider. Longtime Friends writers and executive producers Scott Silveri and Shana Goldberg-Meehan, says The Hollywood Reporter, have been mentioned to write the pilot if, as expected, the deal is soon completed.

Snap Judgment
On July 20 in Byron Bay, some 400 miles north of Sydney, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow's rocker boyfriend, was ordered to appear at an Oct 8 hearing to answer a charge of malicious damage after allegedly smashing the windshield and deflating the tires of a photographer's car. According to police, Martin, 26, admits attacking Jon Lister's vehicle because the paparazzo was harassing him while Martin was surfing. Paltrow, 30, wasn't present at the time, and the singer had no comment.

Meanwhile, Paltrow's rep denied a report in gossiper Cindy Adams's column that Paltrow and Martin will wed before the fall at Steven Spielberg's East Hampton, N.Y., home. The director is a close family friend of Paltrow's.

Thin Motivation
Contestants for next season's American Idol can expect to see a lot less of judge Randy Jackson: The critic underwent gastric-bypass surgery last month in Los Angeles. "He's doing great," says Jackson's rep. "He's up and about, and he's feeling fine." Although Jackson, 47, won't divulge his weight before the procedure—gastric-bypass patients are typically more than 100 lbs. overweight—the 5'11" former studio musician has yet to shed his sense of humor. "I have taken serious steps to improve my health over the past few weeks, so I may appear lighter very soon," Jackson said in a statement. "I want to resume my Speedo modeling career."


San Diego Comic-Con

When Halle Berry arrived at Comic-Con International, a gathering of comic book fans held at the San Diego Convention Center on July 19, she had a request: Get her character Storm a bigger part in the X-Men series. "Write a letter," she said. "Tell them Storm should do more. Storm should use the cape she's been wearing for two movies." Berry, like Angelina Jolie and Hugh Jackman, attended the popular publicity stop to promote her project and greet some 4,500 fans. Also attending: Elijah Wood of The Lord of the Rings. "This is the world's greatest convergence of geeks," he said. "And I'm one of them!"

with Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is one busy 15-year-old. The actress best known for starring in the Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire has two movies, a new CD, a clothing line and even a credit card due out later this year. Scoop caught up with the tween queen while she promoted another product—a Video Now disc player—in New York City.

How does it feel to be a mogul?

I never thought about it until people began telling me that I've got some empire.

Do you personally approve all your business projects?

Of course. I don't like to get too involved in the business end, because I get bored. [My manager and parents] let me make the decisions.

What's a proposal you've turned down in the past?

There was this bathing suit that had this really obnoxious beach thing on it, and then it just said "STUFF," really big in white, and I was like, "No."

So as a high-powered executive, you must be really good in math.

Ummm, yeah. Not in the summertime. It's actually my favorite subject because it's a challenge. But it's hard. When am I ever going to need to know how to square binomials?

How are you schooled?

Three hours of the 9½ hours I work on a set are completely dedicated to school. And I work one-on-one with my teacher, who travels everywhere with me. When I'm not working I have a tutor who comes to my house.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hate that question! College is important—that'll probably be in the next five years. In 10 years? I want a family.

You'll turn 16 on Sept. 28. Big deal or not?

Are you joking me? I feel like life is passing me by without a driver's license. And I don't even get it until November!



ER's Alex Kingston and her husband, journalist Florian Haertel, closed on Robert Blake's Studio City, Calif., home in May 2002 for $840,000, days after Blake was charged with murdering his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley. After remodeling, the contemporary-style house is now on the market for $1.6 million. The property features a 3,000-sq.-ft. main house with 16-ft. ceilings. There is also a 2,100-sq.-ft. guest house. Kingston and her husband never moved in; they remain in their Hollywood Hills-area home.

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