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updated 08/11/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/11/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Smooth Sailing
THEY AREN'T even married yet, but the honeymoon is still going strong for Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter. Rehn says the couple "loved every minute" of a recent three-week European vacation. But even overseas there was no escaping rabid Bacbelorette fans (many of them U.S. tourists), who stopped them for photos. The couple's next destination? Back to Sutter's Vail, Colo., home. "I'm still getting used to it," says Rehn of the high altitude. "And I have allergies, and he has a dog! But I am happy to be with Ryan wherever he is."

Stepping Out
AFTER HAWKING Coke and Ford products for free last summer on American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has finally landed a paying gig with Candie's shoes. Donning $1 million in borrowed diamonds for the New York City photo shoot July 5, "She said, 'I feel like P. Diddy!'" says Candie's creative director Dari Marder. Meanwhile, Clarkson wannabes can prep for Idol 3 auditions, which begin Aug. 3 in L.A. This time, says host Ryan Seacrest, "the judges will have less patience for those on the borderline."

Fame winner Harlemm Lee told the show's producers he was 27, then later admitted he turns 36 Aug. 11. Now, he says, fans are confessing their own fudged ages: "People come out to me about being 42! That doesn't happen in Hollywood!"

About a Boy

James Getzlaff, a human-resources administrator for an L.A. law firm, chooses from 15 seemingly eligible men on Bravo's Boy Meets Boy.

When he found out that some of the bachelors weren't actually gay, "I was in a state of shock," says Getzlaff, 33. But in the end, "I thought the right thing was for me to finish what I had started."

His two serious previous relationships ended when his partners cheated. "Apparently," he says, "I pick people who don't like to date just one person."

He says he has "moved past anger" at Boy's trick but warns, "Don't trust Hollywood, and read the fine print."

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