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After a British tabloid implied that she and actor Jude Law were carrying on an affair, Nicole Kidman sues—and prevails

Here's the way it usually goes: A newspaper prints a rumor, a celeb denies it, but the rumor metastasizes through the Internet and gossip columns until it becomes part of the common wisdom—as an accepted fact.

Unless you're Nicole Kidman. Angered that Britain's Daily Mail on March 6 suggested that she was having an adulterous affair with her Cold Mountain costar Jude Law, Kidman not only denied the charge, she sued. And got satisfaction. On Aug. 1 the chastened Mail printed a blunt apology and retraction: "We now accept that these allegations were untrue," the paper said. "We apologize to Ms. Kidman for the distress and embarrassment caused to her and have agreed to pay her substantial damages and her legal costs." The damages will go to aid Romanian orphanages, Kidman's spokeswoman said. Kidman has taken other British publications to task over the same story, including The Sunday Telegraph, which apologized, and The Sun, a dispute still in legal proceedings.

The six-year marriage of Law and actress Sadie Frost hit rough spots this year. Law moved out of the house last February. In June police were called after the two exchanged heated words. Frost recently appeared at a function with British director Nick Love, described in Heat magazine as a friend, not a romantic interest.



The man in the Calvins is none other than Hollywood hottie du jour Colin Farrell, then 19, on a visit to Australia in 1995. The photo, part of his first modeling shoot, was taken at an old abandoned Colgate plant in Sydney, where cops asked him to move on because he was tress-passing.

Teen Triangles
Could the drama at the Freaky Friday movie premiere get, like, any heavier? The film's star, Lindsay Lohan, 17, dated singer Aaron Carter, 15, from January 2002 until last April. During that time Carter was also dating Hilary Duff, 15, star of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Bad blood between the girls ensued. So it came as a shock when Duff showed up at the Aug. 4 premiere of Lohan's movie with—are you ready?—Lohan's boyfriend in the movie, Chad Michael Murray, 21. Duff and Murray held hands for part of the night. "I feel like we have a big brother/little sister relationship," says Murray. "Maybe they're dating," says Lohan. "She's 15; he's 21. Best of luck to 'em: Demi and Ashton!"

Mike Tyson: How I Lost $300 Million
Mike Tyson seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. "I have been in financial distress since 1998," said the former heavyweight champ in bankruptcy papers filed Aug. 1 in Manhattan. He earned an estimated $300 million from the ring, so where did the money go? Outstanding bills (personal and corporate) include: a California limo service, $308,749; a Hawaiian resort, $30,000; a New York rug store, $78,000; and Jewelers Inc. in Las Vegas, $173,706. Tyson claims promoter Don King cheated him out of $100 million in funds. King's attorney says no: "Tyson apparently spent it all."


Over the years, Tyson has maintained mansion in Connecticut, Ohio, Maryland and Las Vegas (above) where Wayne Newton lives next door.

Siegfried, Roy and Mike: The heavyweight boxer enjoyed wresting with the tigers he kept at his Vegas home. Care and feeding cost $8,100 for two months.

Tyson loved to drive. "We lost count. He had over 100 cars," says a source. Not to mention motorbikes!

Harry Potter and the Curse of Puberty
A photo from the set of next year's eagerly awaited Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban suggests that actors Daniel Radcliffe, 14, Emma Watson, 13, and Rupert Grint, 14, though not yet wizened wizards, are growing up fast.


Brittany Murphy

Before there was Ashton and Demi, there was Ashton and Brittany. But what's the proper way of bringing up that subject when Brittany Murphy, 25, has her heart set on promoting her upcoming movie, Uptown Girls, in which she plays a socialite who takes a job as a nanny? Scoop took a cautious approach.

We don't want to pry or go places where you are uncomfortable....

Oh, dear. Go for it.

How are you doing?

I'm doing great.

How are you doing with the fact that your ex-boyfriend is all over the covers of magazines with a new woman?

I made a decision never to speak about my private life in print again. And since he was a part of my private life...

Don't try to get us on a technicality.

I should have been a lawyer, huh? I don't feel that I would be respecting myself or him to speak about his life.

Just tell us a little.

That was a high-profile relationship, but to me it was very comical and mind-boggling. And a great learning experience.

Are you always happy?
I am a happy-type person, or so I am told, and have been my entire life.

You say a lot of that's due to music.

Very much so. When I am overtired, which I am now, the thing that actually wakes me up the best is rap music, hip-hop. Something high-wattage. Like Eminem. Or Biggie.

Can you rap?

I can. But I don't think I'll be doing it on an album.

Which celebrities fascinate you?

I will buy any magazine that has Drew Barrymore on the cover. I love what Drew has to say. I love reading about Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder. I am basically, like, a textbook 25-year-old demographic.

What's the most unladylike thing about you?

Sometimes I am too honest for my own good.


Price: $3.75 million
Place: Westlake Village, Calif.
Specs: Olympic superskater Scott Hamilton, 44, and his wife, Tracie Rose Robinson, 33, are startin a family—she's pregnant and due next month. So they have put their 4,500-sq.-ft. landmark home on the market while they look for a more traditional house. This estate, built in 1921 and recently renovated by architect Michael Graves, also features three bedrooms, a refitted dock and a party cruise boat. The nearest skating rink? Half an hour away.

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