Julio Iglesias Jr.

updated 08/18/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/18/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

HOMETOWN: Miami Beach
STATUS: Single
LATEST GIG: The Spanish-language pop album Tercera Dimension

•Why you know him: The second of three kids born to singer Julio Iglesias, 59, and his first wife, Isabel Preysler, 52, Iglesias, 30, has modeled and hosted his own TV show aired in Latin America. But music (he has released one other album and spent two months touring with Cher in 1999) has always been his first love. "Julio was the singer of the family all his life," says sister Chabeli Iglesias, 31, a homemaker. "He did shows in the backyard and wanted to be the main attraction in the house."

•Perks of fame: At his five-bedroom home on an exclusive island off the coast of Miami, the bilingual singer has amassed a collection of boy toys that includes two Porsches, a 1973 Ford Bronco he rehabbed and a wooden boat he built himself. When he's not tending to his garden and doing home improvements, he cruises around on a Donzi speedboat with his brother Enrique, 28, and Enrique's girlfriend Anna Kournikova, 22. "There's no competition" in the family, Iglesias says. "I love my father and my brother. How lucky we are that we can all sing and do music. My mom did not sing, not even in the shower. It came from the father."

•Love life: Just out of a long relationship, he says, "I used to only like blondes, like Barbie time. Now it's like whoever I feel something for. But she's got to have her own thing going on—I need my space."

•Where he's headed: Iglesias wants to make more pop records—perhaps in English next. "If I wasn't doing this I would be doing nothing," he says. "I don't know how to do anything else. What, be a handyman? Doing gardens?"

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