updated 09/15/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/15/2003 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Is Christy Turlington pregnant? Although the model and her actor husband, Edward Burns, have steadfastly refused to comment, a source familiar with the couple's situation confirms that the newlyweds are indeed expecting. Turlington tried to hide a suspiciously rounded figure at a party after Duran Duran's Aug. 27 concert in New York City. But at one point during the festivities, the model embraced the band's lead singer Simon LeBon, an old friend, and whispered something in his ear, which prompted LeBon to put his hands over her tummy and offer a hearty "Congratulations!"

Dennis Quaid has a new woman in his life: Kimberley Buffington, a 35-year-old banking executive from Austin. The two met last March when Quaid played a gig in Austin with his band, the Sharks. Buffington spent time at Quaid's Montana ranch this summer, and later this month, according to a source close to the couple, she plans to join him in Africa, where he'll be remaking Flight of the Phoenix. Says the source: 'She's taking a leave from her job to be with him."

Just call him the Gambler. Ben Affleck has become quite the card player recently. The actor has been frequenting the Hollywood Park Casino, a poker parlor in Inglewood, Calif., near the airport. I'm told that Affleck has been in four times in the past month, always alone and occasionally staying until 4 a.m., playing for $3,000 pots. Then, over the Labor Day weekend, Affleck entered a poker tournament at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, Calif. (just south of East L.A.). After ponying up $5,080, the actor was eliminated in the early rounds of play. Well, you know what they say: Unlucky at cards....

At this rate everybody's going to have their own reality show. The newest celeb to enter the vérité fray: Mike Tyson. An informant close to the fighter says that the former heavyweight champ—who recently filed for bankruptcy after squandering a $300 million fortune—has met with execs at ABC and FOX about hosting what one agent calls (in all seriousness) a "kind of Charles Kuralt, on-the-road-type show." Adds the agent: "With his background he can talk to anyone, from thieves to congressmen, from princes to paupers." Apparently not everyone in Hollywood agrees: NBC and CBS wouldn't take a meeting with the champ.


Jim Carrey has been crossing international date lines this summer: The actor has squired Danish model Betina Holte, 23, through Paris and Copenhagen. Not that the funnyman's getting serious. "He enjoys dating, and that's all there is to it," says a source....

Everyone who watched NBC's For Love or Money 2 knows that Rob Campos walked away empty-handed again after Erin Brodie rejected him for the second time, right? Not so fast: According to a source, Campos actually received an undisclosed fee for his efforts. The insider, who calls it a "consolation prize," says the amount was a fraction of the $1 million he could have won if Brodie had picked him.

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