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updated 07/29/1996 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/29/1996 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Hollywood's Next Big Thing, Matthew McConaughey, took his best gal—mom Kay McConaughey, a teacher—to the L.A. premiere of A Time to Kill. In the courtroom drama, based on John Grisham's novel, McConaughey stars as a southern lawyer who defends a man accused of murder (played by Samuel L. Jackson).

Flower child Dana Delany dutifully petal-pushed her new project for the fledgling WB Television Network, which showcased its upcoming programs in L.A. Delany is the voice of Lois Lane in Superman, a Saturday morning animated series arriving on the new network in September. (Wings's Tim Daly will be Superman.)

It may look like the Prince and the Peeved, but this somber inspection of the honor guard was part of the royal treatment Prince Philip afforded Nelson Mandela during the South African president's triumphant four-day visit to London.

In a feet accompli, a shoeless Danny Glover strolled the sandy shores of France's Saint-Tropez, where he was vacationing with his wife, Asake Bomani. She owns and operates an art gallery in San Francisco.

Kathie Lee Gifford went Live in Washington to testify before a House subcommittee in support of a bill banning the import of products made by underage workers. "I don't want my name associated," she said, "with anything that's exploiting kids," including her own clothing line.

Model mom Christie Brinkley and her new beau, architect Peter Cook, were spied taking her brood—Alexa Ray, 10, and Jack Paris, 13 months—to see Harriet the Spy, the new kids' movie, in East Hampton, N.Y.

In an encore performance in Malibu, Frank and Barbara Sinatra renewed their vows—Ring-a-ding-ding!—on their 20th wedding anniversary. Said Sinatra, 80: "We'll do it again in another 20 years." His way.

Captain Courageous Christopher Reeve (center) sailed aboard the sloop Northern Light off Newport, R.I., as part of a regatta that raised funds for Shake-a-Leg, an organization that helps people with spinal-cord injuries.

More than 150 friends and fans gathered in California to pay their respects to Margaux Hemingway (top), the former model, actress and granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, who died on June 28 at age 41 of causes still unknown. "She was a very enlightened, pure and beautiful person," said Ali MacGraw (top left) after the two-hour memorial service at the Agape Church of Religious Science in Santa Monica, where Hemingway lived. In a ceremony marked by warm laughter—and the absence of family members, who had held a private service in Ketchum, Idaho—friends recalled the six-foot-tall outdoorswoman as a free spirit who liked to hike, sing jazz and meditate. "She taught me to climb, and she always chose the toughest way up the mountain—she never believed in shortcuts," recalled close friend Gigi Gaston (near left, with singer Sophie B. Hawkins in shawl). "Whether it was black-tie dinners or hiking through the Himalayas, she was so colorful, so magical, so Margaux."

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