O.J. by the Numbers

updated 02/17/1997 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/17/1997 AT 01:00 AM EST

SOME WOULD ARGUE THAT THE Simpson case has been about great social issues—race and domestic violence among them. True enough. But to many O.J. aficionados, who spent hours watching the nightly give-and-take on Rivera Live and E!, the case was just as much about the trials' abundant minutiae—shoe sizes and golf clubs and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The terms that make up the O.J. lexicon—Bronco chase, Rockingham, Mezzaluna, the Dancing Itos—are so permanently etched in our consciousness, it's hard to remember when they were not. Yet some details may have escaped us, and in retrieving them we may discover an unexpected perspective.

•Amount of cash Simpson told a British television interviewer he was carrying during the Bronco chase: $3.63
•Amount he actually had as disclosed during the civil trial: $8,700

•Cost per minute for the "Ask A.C." phoneline, where Simpson pal Al Cowlings shared his thoughts on the case: $2.99
•Total earnings in the first 30 days: $300,000

•Days of testimony for the prosecution in the criminal trial: 99
•For the defense: 34
•Days of testimony for the plaintiffs in the civil trial: 29
•For the defense: 14

•Number of times Simpson said "I don't know" or "I don't recall" in his testimony: 280
•Number of times Simpson mentioned GOLF on the witness stand: 18

•Number of O.J. VIDEOS that have sold: 40,000
•Number of the Weather Channel's video "The Enemy Wind" that have sold: 100,000

•Number times Simpson has been an item on DAVID LETTERMAN'S TOP 10 LIST since the murders: 57
•Number books already published about the case: 61

•Number of murders committed in the U.S. in 1994: 23,305 In L.A. in 1994: 845
•Number of women murdered by their husbands in 1994: 823

•Fee earned by criminal defense attorney JOHNNIE COCHRAN: nearly $1 million
•Fee earned by Goldman family attorney Daniel M. Petrocelli during the civil trial: nothing

•Chance of being struck and killed by lightning this year: 1 in 3.4 million
•Chance of a DNA MATCH between two people: 1 in 150 million

•Cost of criminal trial: $12 to $15 million
•Cost of civil trial: $3 million plus

•Days Simpson spent in jail before and during the criminal trial: 474
•Days jury was sequestered: 266
•Days MARK FUHRMAN was put on probation for perjury: 1,095

•Amount earned by each of the 12 jurors and two alternates during the criminal trial: $1,330
•Amount NBC is paying dismissed civil-trial juror Ann-Marie Jamison per week as a consultant: $1,400

•Pages of transcript for criminal trial: 50,000 plus
•For the civil trial: 8,000 plus
•Price of Simpson's ROOKIE TRADING CARD before the murders: $110
•After the Bronco chase: $300
•Now: $50

•Total number of men's size 12 BRUNO MAGLI SHOES sold in the United States that •match the footprints at Bundy: 299
•Increase in Magli shoe sales for 1996: 30 percent

•Amount of time criminalist DENNIS FUNG spent on the stand during the criminal trial: 9 days
•During the civil trial: 3 days

•Number of SATELLITE TRUCKS at the courthouse parking lot for the criminal trial: 15
•For the civil trial: 5

•Amount paid to Nicole's father, Louis Brown, for the book Stop Domestic Violence: $11,666
•Amount reportedly paid to Simpson for his book I Want to Tell You: $1 million
•Amount reportedly paid to ex-girlfriend Paula Barbieri for her kiss-and-tell about life with O.J.: $3 million

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