Field Gold

updated 02/17/1997 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/17/1997 AT 01:00 AM EST

WHEN THE PHONE WOKE Deborah Zimmerman one recent Sunday, she was shocked—but not by the news that her fiancé, Lance Alstodt, 26, had been picked at random from among more than 200,000 entrants for a shot at the top prize in Hershey's "$1 Million Pro Bowl Kick Sweepstakes." What surprised the health-conscious Zimmerman was Alstodt's confession that he'd found out about the contest on a candy-bar label. Recalls Alstodt with a grin: "She was like, 'What do you mean you were eating a Kit Kat bar?!' "

Today that contraband, scarfed down while Alstodt was working late at Chase Securities Inc. in New York City, where he's an associate investment banker, has indeed made him fatter—$1 million worth. He won the money by drilling a 35-yard field goal during halftime at the National Football League Pro Bowl in Honolulu on Feb. 2. "I was in a zone—I felt I was on the field all by myself," says Alstodt, a one-time soccer-team captain back at Roslyn (N.Y.) High School who sometimes kicked for the football squad. "There was no sound until it split the uprights. Then it was just nuts."

Until he began training last month at an icy park near the apartment he shares with Zimmerman, 27, a marketing manager, Alstodt hadn't kicked seriously in years—though he does play hockey and basketball. But days before the contest, he got pointers from former NFL kicker Pete Gogolak. "I wasn't surprised he made it," says Gogolak. "He has a good head and a good leg."

That assessment is shared by two NFL coaches who approached Alstodt about trying out. Though his immediate plans are to return to work, invest conservatively and marry in November, he is tempted. "Could you imagine my résumé," he muses. "Chase Securities and, hey! what's this, uh, Carolina Panthers thing?"

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