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I am extremely disappointed by Brad. He may not have originally left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina, but he used poor judgment in dating her later. I don't know what went wrong, but Brad is giving up a wonderful soulmate for his midlife crisis. It is not too late as the divorce is not final yet. They were an inspiration to all married people. Brad, wake up!
Nicole L. Duncan
British Columbia

I watched the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith three times, and I became an avid fan of both of them. They're not only sexy and beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the inside. And I don't care what Jennifer's side says about them. The important thing is that they fell in love, both want to start a family and have kids, and most of all, they are both very compassionate people and active in helping those less fortunate. I wish them both happiness, good health and long you, Brangelina!
Linda Watkins
Tacoma, Wash.

Would you please leave Angelina and Brad alone? They have enough respect for themselves, innocent little Maddox and Jennifer to try and have a relationship away from the paparazzi. Until Brad's jumping on couches and sharing faux punches with Oprah and every other talk show host, back off. Go hound Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Theirs is a media circus that they created and enable.
Tracy Lennon

Regarding Brennan Hawkins, the Boy Scout who was lost in the wilds of Utah for four days: We have Global Positioning Systems on our boats and in our cars. Surely America's technology companies can marry this into a bracelet, necklace or belt that can be issued temporarily to a child who is going to a wilderness camp.
Charlotte Mitchell
Elizabeth City, N.C.

Just a heads up-the photo of the shark in your article "Blood in the Surf" was not a bull shark but rather a sand tiger shark. The sand tiger is often erroneously shown [as the attacker] right after a shark attack because it stereotypes all sharks so well. With its mouthful of menacing, protruding, spike-like teeth used to pierce its prey, this shark, like the great white, is the image that most people picture and fear. However, this particular shark is considered to be nonaggressive toward humans and not considered a "man eater." It's not even close to being in the same league as the aggressive bull shark.
Michael Millette
San Rafael, Calif.

Though they both deny being a couple, Brad and Angelina sure don't have a problem flaunting their 'friendship' to the world"
E. Jamisen
Metairie, La.

Last November PEOPLE featured the story of Sandra LaDay, the founder of People Supporting People, a Port Arthur, Texas, charity that helps the needy with food, clothing and even schoolbooks. LaDay's compassion struck a chord with many readers, who have since donated roughly $30,000. "Being in People changed everything," says LaDay. "I can help more people on a more regular basis." One Canadian businessman, Steven Granovsky, even fixed up LaDay's home, adding a storage room and washer and dryer for donated clothes, a security system and an extra bathroom so the needy kids who visit don't have to stand in line waiting to brush their teeth. "We can reach out to more children now," says LaDay. "Turning away a child who needs something will break your heart. My heart is broken a lot less now."

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