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Ziyi: Fashion Fortune Teller
Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang, who stars in the futuristic drama 2046, is hoping for some customized technological advances in the years ahead. "I'd want a robot to help me read scripts and tell me, 'That's great—you have to take it," says Zhang, 26, who plays a call girl in the Wong Kar Wai-directed film. While such an invention may never materialize, the actress offers one mid-21st century prediction with legs. Says Zhang: "I'll be very old, so I won't wear miniskirts anymore!"

Marcia Gay Harden (Bad News Bears) parenting tips:

[The actress has twins Hudson and Julitta Dee, 15 months, and daughter Eulala, 6.]

1. Avoid multitasking.
"Do at least one thing a day where you're focused. [Eulala and I have] been doing those insane puzzles with pieces the size of microchips."

2. Get on their level.
"I sit on the floor with the babies and see how they respond to a plastic cup or muffin pans."

3. Get big sis's help—but watch out.
"Eulala is brilliant with the twins. She loves to make them laugh, making animal sounds and tickling them. But once she hauled a baby out of the crib. I thought, 'Oh My God. She just swung that baby like a sack of potatoes.' "

4. Let the kids punish you too.
"Eulala certainly hears me pepper my conversations with a spicy word or two. At the end of the day she says, 'That's a penny for this and a nickel for that.' Her piggy bank is full."

CELEBRITY RANTS: BENJAMIN McKENZIE (Junebug) on Young Hollywood weddings
"I don't like the whole trend of people in the business treating marriage like entertainment. It's either for publicity value or because they're bored. Because they haven't done a movie in a few months, they get married instead."

Scarlett's Grip Gripes
Scarlett Johansson filmed a hand-holding scene with her The Island costar Ewan McGregor that wasn't exactly romantic. "I'm hanging from a building, and Ewan held me so tight that my knuckles were bleeding from his fingernails," says Johansson, 20, who plays a clone fleeing her evil creators. "I said, 'I'm attached to a harness—why are you still holding me?' He said, 'I can't let go. It's instinct.' " Even with such harrowing stunts, pretending her life was in danger was tough. Says Johansson: "It's hard [preparing for a scene where] you [need] to escape to save your life when you can hear the grip next to you chewing on a sandwich."

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