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I commend Sandra Bullock and Jesse James for having a wedding that expressed their individuality. They're an adorable couple who accept each other and their wedding reflected that. It wasn't all glitz and glam. The groom arrived in a pickup truck; the bride wore cowboy boots under her gown. This is who they are, and it's great!
Jodi Freda
Lodi, NJ.

Thanks for the beautiful coverage of Sandra's wedding. I've never been a big fan of Bullock, but I couldn't help but feel overjoyed that she's found her Mr. Right. She hasn't flaunted her relationship like some celebs. Good for you, Sandra, and many happy years to come.
Deb Ronning
Neshanic Station, N.J.

Marrying her "longtime boyfriend"? Your story says Sandra met Jesse in 2003 while taking her nephew on a tour of the Monster Garage set. This relationship is two years old. Perhaps it's a long-term one by Hollywood standards, but not by most others.
C. McCulley
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Too bad Jesse referred to the folks who cared enough to come to this celebration as "suckers." I thought Sandra had better taste.
Sandra Everest
Georgetown, Texas

Doesn't anyone know how to say no anymore? Jude Law's nanny Daisy Wright knew he was engaged to Sienna Miller and still jumped into bed with him. Nice professionalism, Daisy! You managed to skew the perception of the nanny profession and in the process helped cause chaos for the Law children, the very kids you were charged with caring for. And for what? Money and the Sunday Mirror? So in the end you slept with Jude Law and got paid for it, and we all know what that is called.
Jen Whittmore
Helena, Mont.

If Jude is so concerned about hurting Sienna, he should have thought about that before he gave the nanny a mindblowing bonus. Sienna has a lot going for herself and doesn't need Alfie.
Jennifer King
Modesto, Calif.

"River of Dreams" was an inspiring story of what a hands-on approach to nature can encourage in young people. What a wonderful contribution to society Bob Nixon of Earth Conservation Corps has made to help better both young people and the natural world. This article should cause parents, educators, politicians and others to step back and ask, "What's important for children and young people to achieve?" Thank you, PEOPLE, for bringing stories like this to national attention.
Linda Sharp
Dayton, Ohio

I'm grasping for some clarity here: In your story "A Happier Tune," Carnie Wilson says she was unwilling to take medication for her postpartum depression because she worried about the side effects. Yet, she claims that medication can help us live a happier life. Is Carnie speaking from experience or is she just afraid to rock the boat?
Amy Sullivan
Sunnyvale, Calif.

This was a fabulous article. I won't hesitate to hire a tutor to help with my son's math when it gets beyond me. And why wouldn't I want to hire someone to help with teaching a sport I can't play?
Lahaina, Hawaii

After I read this story, I was outraged. It's bad enough some parents let TVs or computers raise their children, but to hire a stranger to share in their child's special moments such as learning to ride a bike is just shameful. Do they really want their child's precious memory to be with a total stranger?
Papillion, Neb.

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