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Nine out-of-control kids were shipped to Brat Camp in hopes of reform. Two recently clashed with the law

Before Brat Camp's Aug. 3 finale—an episode that boasted of the dramatic behavioral changes of its nine troubled teens after 50 days of wilderness-reform therapy—even aired on ABC, two of the reality show's stars were already making the local police blotter. Isaiah Alarcon, 17, was arrested July 30 for spray-painting racial slurs and swastikas in front of a neighbor's home in Winton, Calif. On Lake Pearl, in Wrentham, Mass., police were called Aug. 3 when Jada Chabot, 16, crashed her motorboat into a raft carrying seven people.

Alarcon's mother, Virginia, says he had made progress at Camp Sage Walk and that the incident was a setback. According to police, the teen had been drinking at a July 28 party before he and a schoolmate painted racial slurs outside the house of an African-American woman. Two days later Alarcon was caught trying to wash off the spray paint and taken to juvenile hall, where he confessed and stayed two nights (his pal Christopher Farenelli confessed as well). Alarcon is being charged with damaging property and interfering with civil rights. Despite the incident, "he's a changed teen," says Virginia, noting that he is no longer failing his classes. "He used to walk around with clenched fists, slamming doors. We communicate now. We had gotten to where we never hugged or said, 'I love you.' Now I'm always calling out, 'Love you!' He calls back, 'Love you too!' "

Sage Walk's executive director, Larry Solie, says that a temporary backslide in behavior is normal and that Alarcon's attempt to clean up the graffiti "is an indication that what he learned took hold." Says Solie: "It shows he had remorse."

Chabot too felt remorse over her boat crash, which she says was an accident. The teen, sent to Sage Walk for her compulsive lying, was towing her boyfriend on a knee board and looking backward when she ran into the raft, sending two of its passengers to the hospital. She may face a charge of negligent operation of a motorboat. "I talked to the family and apologized," she says. "It was a freak accident." Though friends say Chabot, like Alarcon, has changed for the better—"She's cut back on her lying and partying," says a pal—some are still wary of regressive behavior from Brat Camp grads. "It is a true disservice for a reality-TV show to try to correct behavior in just a few weeks," says Sheriff Mark Pazin. "Rehabilitation is a long-term process, not just 50 days in the wilderness."


•Age: 16
•Hometown: Wrentham, Mass.
•Pre-Camp Personality: A hard-core partier who skipped school and experimented with sex, drugs and alcohol. She was also a compulsive liar.
•Post-Camp Personality: Much less of a partier and liar. "She's calmed down," says a friend. "She hasn't been as wild."


•Age: 17
•Hometown: Winton, Calif.
•Pre-Camp Personality: An angry punk rocker who got into fights and was verbally abusive toward his mother.
•Post-Camp Personality: A much more relaxed teen who is able to handle his anger. Even more, "now we talk about what's bugging him," says his mom.

More Time Together
For two people who keep denying that they're reconciling. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have been spending an awful lot of time together. Last weekend the stars both attended a belated 65th-birthday party for Sheen's dad, Martin, at Martin's house in Malibu (his real birthday is Aug. 3). There, Richards, 34, who filed for divorce in March, citing irreconcilable differences, embraced Charlie, 39, with a warm hug and a kiss on the lips. Martin got a hug too. The pair are also seeing each other more as they drop off their daughters—Sam, 17 months, and LoLa, 2 months—to one another; both are working on separate television projects (Richards on her new UPN series Sex, Love & Secrets, Sheen on his CBS hit Two and a Half Men). "It's all for the kids' sake," says a source. "They re definitely on friendly terms." So is there a chance the two, who were married on June 15, 2002, could reconnect? "Who knows what the future holds?" says the source. "But right now they're still proceeding with the divorce."

Just three months into her engagement to shipping heir Paris Latsis, 22, Paris Hilton, 24, has acquired a skeptic close to home: her future father-in-law, Gregoris Kasidokostas. "I know that she says she wants to get married to [my son] Paris, but that doesn't mean this will happen tomorrow," the mayor of Vouliagmeni, Greece, told Scoop. "My opinion, as well as his mother's, is that he is too young and he should wait." Kasidokostas also takes issue with reports of his son lavishing Hilton with expensive jewelry. "He knows that it would be more useful to give this an orphanage or people who suffer from something, rather than buying these kinds of gifts." Things seem more confident at the Hilton camp. "There will be a wedding in the U.S. and Greece too," says Hilton's mom, Kathy. "It will happen soon. I'd say in the next year."

Blink bling
Rather than lashing out over the drama surrounding her engagement, Paris Hilton is lashing on, indulging in a growing trend for peepers: eyelash extensions, glued to the end of one's eyelashes instead of the eyelids. Her Eyelash Extension by Dionne Philips (available at Kate somerville salon in Beverly Hills) cost up to $350, take two hours to apply and last six to eight weeks. Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell are also fans.

Roasted Pam
"You have to be a strong person to do this," said Pamela Anderson, moments before taping the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson in Los Angeles Aug. 7. (It airs Aug. 14 at 10 p.m.) The insults, from professional comics and former husband Tommy Lee, flew fast and furious, and most were X-rated. Among the more printable lines:


On Anderson's second novel: "You've now written more books than you've read."
—Greg Giraldo
On Anderson vs. Jessica Simpson: "What's the difference? Twenty years."
—Nick DiPaolo
On Anderson's fling with Kid Rock: "I'll forgive you for Kid Rock if you forgive me for...the redhead I'll be with tonight."
—former husband Tommy Lee


On Courtney Love: "I knew she could do comedy. I just didn't know she could stand up."
On her three years with Tommy Lee: "Those were the happiest years of your life."

Jude, Sienna Talk
Just three weeks after Jude Law confessed to cheating on his fiancée, Sienna Miller, the couple continue to discuss their future. On Aug. 8 they met at the home they once shared, leaving separately. "They are still in limbo," says a source close to both, adding that their talks will likely continue. "They are doing it to their time ...not to newspaper deadlines." One day later Miller was spotted leaving Viveka, a London wellness clinic specializing in women's health and fertility, as well as yoga and Pilates. Says one observer: "She walked out calmly and looked very happy."

Courtney Love's bra-baring show at Pamela Anderson's Comedy Central roast (see page 23) seemed like a flashback to her less sober days. But the rocker insists she's clean—and frets that all people notice is her fuller figure. "I am sober for over a year now and no one cares," she said on the red carpet. "It's all about the weight gain, na na na na na."

Does it matter that, two months after acquitting Michael Jackson on child molestation charges, two members of the jury have changed their tune? Nope. "The trial is over and done with," prosecutor Thomas Sneddon tells Scoop. "It isn't going to make any difference what I say or what I feel." On Aug. 8 Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman told MSNBC that other jurors coerced them to agree with the not guilty verdict. "There's no doubt in my mind [that the alleged victim] was molested," said Cook, who, like Hultman, has a pending book deal. Defense attorney Thomas A. Mesereau Jr. called the claims "embarrassing." Jackson's acquittal cannot be appealed.


Desperate Housewives'

Teri Hatcher
Emmy-nominee Teri Hatcher took a few moments at a Glamour magazine party in Los Angeles this month to tell Scoop about her recent travels. While she enjoyed the journey, Hatcher, 40, made it clear she was looking forward to her second season on Wisteria Lane.

How was your summer?
One of the greatest decisions of my life was spending my entire hiatus traveling with my daughter [Emerson Rose, 7]. We went to South Africa and Portugal and England and the Bahamas, and I had the most spiritual and fun and connective times with her.

But now, back to work.
There is nothing better than coming back to work knowing that you spent every minute of your time off exactly the way you wanted to spend it.

Tell us about the trip.
After four planes and 30 hours of travel, we get to the bush at this little safari place in Africa, and they had lost our luggage. We arrived with the clothes we were wearing, and that was it.

What did you do?
It's not like we were in a shopping mall and could run out and get anything. We didn't have clothes, my camera equipment, anything. It was a great challenge. We could have freaked out, but we said all right, and everyone in the community pulled together and took care of us, and it ended up being great.

What do you know about the next Housewives season?
I honestly know nothing. I am not lying or being cute or coy, I really don't know where it goes.

Come on. Really?
I get the script, I play the script, and wait for the next script like the rest of America. Which is fun for me.

Do you at least know if your character Susan will change?
Susan continues to be the most grounded. The struggles she has are very inner, they are about insecurity and fear and things all of us feel. Hers are not big stories involving people being killed or having someone's baby.


PRICE: $4.9 million
PLACE: New York City
Billy Joel is selling the Tribeca apartment he bought last October. The Long Island native—he still maintains a larger home there—used the three-bedroom condo as a weekend nest when visiting the city. Located on a cobblestone street, the residence features 12-ft. ceilings, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and two planted terraces.

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