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updated 08/22/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

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The lines between sanity, obsession and madness grow blurry when the wife (Natasha Richardson) of a psychiatrist at a hospital for the criminally insane begins a passionate affair with a patient (Marton Csokas), a sculptor who murdered his spouse. Set in England in the late 50s and early '60s, this is the stuff of melodrama—but it's handled with such delicate care and Richardson's performance is so carefully calibrated that the film ends up working.(R)

Broken Flowers

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Bill Murray plays a weary, middle-aged Don Juan on a road trip to find out which of a handful of women (including Sharon Stone and Jessica Lange) whom he dated 19 years ago might have sent him an anonymous letter claiming that he fathered her son. Funny, mysterious and wryly cool. (R)

Pretty Persuasion


This would-be twisted comedy about a conniving teen queen (Evan Rachel Wood) curdles into a mirthless mess. (R)

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo


Movies don't come dopier than this. In a sequel to his 1999 hit, Rob Schneider returns as the dim-bulb, reluctant gigolo. This time out, Schneider's Bigalow travels to Amsterdam ("What's with all these red lights?" he wonders), where he has to track down a serial killer who's murdering his fellow "man-whores." Joke targets include Asian men, dwarfs, humpbacked women, gays, haughty Frenchmen and anyone foolish enough to pay good money to see this juvenile junk. (R)

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