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Bad hygiene.
Jessica Alba

Rude people, [like] Simon Cowell.
—Randy Jackson

Lisa Kudrow: You know sometimes people have that white foam on the sides of their mouth? It's not really foam, it's more like glue.

Dakota Fanning: Tomatoes are weird. The only way I can eat ketchup is to [convince myself] that it doesn't come from tomatoes.

Jason Ritter (Happy Endings): I don't mind so much if someone has food between their teeth—unless it's white and unrecognizable. I just get nauseous.

Aisha Tyler: On CSI, my character had to grind up liver. The smell was so awful.

Megan Mullally: When you go to a restaurant and they give you shellfish with the little tentacles, antennae and eyes still in.

Vivica A. Fox: B.O. I've got a sensitive nose.

Nick Cannon (Underclassman): Those TV shows where they do surgery. Gastric bypass surgery as entertainment—what are they thinking?

Amanda Peet: Spiders. I almost sat on one in the bathroom, but, luckily, I saw it [first].

A reality series with Britney Spears and her husband. —Amber Tamblyn

Nick Stahl (Carnivále): I can't stand the smell of airplanes and all that stale air.

Alfre Woodard: Maggots.

Kelly Monaco (Dancing with the Stars): Dumpsters in the back of fast-food chains and grocery stores.

Robert ller (The Sopranos): When you see someone throwing up outside of a club. That's disgusting.

The food [on my last movie, The Great Raid]. We developed a bartering system, and I always traded in my canned Vienna sausages for peanut M&M's.
—Benjamin Bratt

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