Picks and Pans Review: Behind the Silliness

updated 10/03/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/03/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Bobby Farrelly
As Fever Pitch hits DVD, the director, 47, looks back on his and his brother Peter's most infamous film moments.

ON FILMING FEVER DURING THE BOSTON RED SOX'S 2004 CHAMPIONSHIP RUN We were terrified the Red Sox would blow it like they typically do and we would be blamed. The fans and media in Boston are always looking for someone to point the blame at. The fact that they won made us feel like we're blessed, but, man, we dodged a bullet!

ON JEFF DANIELS'S DUMB AND DUMBER TOILET HUMOR I'm still surprised we got Jeff to do it. On the day of shooting, if a respected actor like Jeff says, "I don't want to," it' hard to say why he should. We talked to him beforehand and said, "If you've got any problem, speak up now." He never blinked an eye, and we've always been grateful.

ON CAMERON DIAZ'S "HAIR GEL" SCENE IN THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY At our insistence the MPAA watched it with an audience and determined that it wasn't sexual; it was done comedically So they let us skate by with an R.

ON KINGPIN'S "BULL-MILKING" SCENE When you're auditioning animal wranglers, they tell you their animals can do whatever you want. We had a live bull there. We had been told, yeah, it's tame. The day we're shooting, the guy told us, "You can't go anywhere near that bull!" Somehow we made it work.

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