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Only five months after exchanging handwritten vows in a tearful seaside ceremony, One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush call it quits

Maybe it was inevitable that One Tree Hill costars Chad Michael Murray, 24, and Sophia Bush, 23, separated after just five months as husband and wife—according to her pals. "Sophia went into the marriage believing in the sanctity of marriage," a friend says of the actress, "and Chad simply did not share that vision." The pair met in 2003 while filming the WB drama, where Murray was known as an on-set flirt, and wed in Santa Monica. Recently, Hill castmate Texas Battle observed, "It's a cute little thing they've got going on." But rumors of trouble surfaced a few weeks ago, causing Bush to issue a statement saying, "All we can do is be happy and laugh about it at home." And now? "This is a difficult and unfortunate situation," said Bush. Said Murray: "This is a very difficult time for me." No wonder: Both will continue to appear on One Tree Hill.

Jessica Simpson showed up at a Sept. 20 magazine launch party in Manhattan sans hubby Nick Lachey... and her wedding ring. "I left it on my bed stand. I'm forgetful," Simpson told Scoop about the 3.5-carat sparkler. Four days later, there was Simpson—ringless again—cheering on her sister Ashlee at West Hollywood's House of Blues. So is there meaning in the missing sparkler? "It's pretty unusual when people who are married keep leaving their rings off," says etiquette expert Peggy Post. "Sometimes people like to remove the ring because it makes them feel more independent when the couple decides they want to separate for a while." Still, showing up without your ring "doesn't necessarily mean a marriage is on the rocks," says Post. "Sometimes they take them off, sometimes put them back on, so you can't get too worked up about it."

Jennifer's secret wedding
The latest couple to successfully pull off the often attempted, rarely achieved secret celebrity wedding? One that many didn't even know were dating. Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, 43, and director Noah Baumbach, 36, who met during her 2001-2002 Broadway run in Proof, quietly wed in Hollywood over Labor Day weekend. It's the first marriage for both. The director broke the news to Scoop at the New York Film Festival, where his indie drama The Squid and the Whale premiered. "I expect to be with her the rest of my life," he says. So where will the couple honeymoon? "You're all here for it," the director joked to reporters on the red carpet. "Nice to have you all here."

From D-List to Divorce
After nearly five years of marriage—and a season of praising her husband on her reality show—Kathy Griffin, 44, filed for divorce Sept. 23 from software entrepreneur Matt Moline. Moline, 34, featured on Griffin's Bravo series My Life on the D-List, acted as her right-hand man, even selling her DVDs to fans after concerts. The two met through his sister Rebecca, who befriended Griffin on an airline flight. Their wedding was a tad unorthodox: She marched down the aisle to the heavy metal tune "Sister Christian," and both flashed ring tattoos instead of gold bands. The comedian, who cited irreconcilable differences on the petition, had no comment.

A Birthday snub?
Paris Hilton showed up at Nicole Richie's 24th-birthday party at Mr. Chow Sept. 21. So, are the two Simple Life stars pals again? "She did come over to say hello to the table, but she didn't stay," said one of Richie's friends. "They still aren't talking." But Richie didn't let the ongoing feud get in the way of her weeklong birthday celebration. She kicked it off Sept. 20 at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where her friends presented her with a cake and sang "Happy Birthday": on Sept. 22 she and fiancé DJ AM posed with characters and accepted yet another cake when they spent the day at Disneyland; two days later, the party-happy star snapped digital photos and dined on onion soup and hibachi shrimp with seven friends at Benihana in Los Angeles.

And how will business mogul Donald Trump handle the challenge of fatherhood at the advanced age of 59? Delegate! "She will decide what the baby is named." says a source close to the family. "She will select everything for the nursery and decorate it." She being, of course. Trump's wife. Melania, 35, who tells Scoop that she wants "a very warm and clean look" for the baby's room, which will most likely be painted white. "Melania has a very high level of fashion and taste." coos Trump, who says he feels "wonderful" about becoming a father again. The baby (their first together—he has four children with ex-wives Ivana Trump and Maria Maples) is due in March. Melania's thrilled too. "I am so excited," she says. "My girlfriends want to do a baby shower... we'll be celebrating a lot."

Anna Comes a-Courtin'
All rise! Ms. Anna Nicole Smith, former stripper and reality show star, is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court next year in a last-ditch effort to claim what she believes is rightfully hers: a part of a $474 million inheritance from her late husband, oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II. "She will be attending arguments," her lawyer told the AP. Smith married Marshall in 1994; she was 26, he was 89. Lower courts have ruled the inheritance belongs to Marshall's son.

Surgery for Lance's Lab
He's our family dog," Lance Armstrong says of Rex, his 9-month-old yellow Lab. "I didn't want to sit down with the kids and say, 'He's only going to live three more months.' I was prepared to do whatever it took; I just wanted him to live." And that's exactly what he did: Rex, a gift from the cyclist's fiancée, singer Sheryl Crow, had been born with a leaky heart valve, which gradually made him listless and would inevitably prove fatal. So Armstrong had Rex flown to Colorado State University for open-heart surgery on Aug. 31, a 4 1/2-hour procedure that cost over $10,000. The operation, performed about 25 times a year at CSU, worked; Rex is taking blood thinners and recuperating between Armstrong's Austin ranch and Crow's California home. Armstrong is also doing well. He'll celebrate his engagement and surviving cancer since 1996 with a party—Crow will perform—in Austin on Oct. 2.

Dakota Fanning: Honored Scout
The San Fernando Valley Girl Scouts earned some serious notoriety Sept. 22—and it wasn't for their cookie sales. Actress Dakota Fanning, 11, was inducted into their local council at the AMC Theatres in Burbank, Calif., where she treated 500 fellow scouts to a screening of her upcoming drama Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story. "I'm excited for all the girls to see the movie," she told Scoop at the ceremony, "and to become a Girl Scout. [But] I'm really excited to get to sell the cookies. I've always wanted to do that!" Her favorites: "The Thin Mints are good." Any famous customers? "Not yet," she says, "but Tom Cruise loves sweets, so I hope I can count on him."


Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette just won a best actress Emmy for her role as a crime-solving psychic on NBC's Medium. All well and good, says Arquette, 37, but she would rather talk about helping victims of the hurricanes on America's Gulf Coast. The actress spoke with Scoop about her efforts to get donated food and everyday supplies from Los Angeles to the Gulf Coast.

The Emmys took place while you were getting involved in hurricane relief. Did it seem strange mixing the two?

I wore this borrowed dress, and it looked glamorous; and I wore borrowed diamonds that were worth so much. It seemed garish and strange to be doing this when some people have nothing. But it was important for me to show appreciation of the business and to take a moment to enjoy it for myself.

Tell us about your personal efforts in L.A.

I hooked up with a lady who had space behind the Van Nuys airport. The citizens of L.A. have been dropping off supplies to her, and volunteers drive their trucks [to the hurricane regions].

What have you given?

I went to Costco and bought canned food, water, Gatorade, any kind of non perishable food. I've sent out e-mails that are misspelled, insane, frenetic messages to my friends, saying "Sponsor a truck! Help us out!"

Why this, as opposed, say, to writing a check?

When you sponsor a truck, you'll know where it's going, you'll see pictures of it getting there and getting unloaded. What I love about this idea is... no matter what your financial ability is, you can get involved.

Are your son and daughter [Enzo, 16, and Harlow, 2] aware of all this?

My son has been helping. It's important to teach your children to be part of the world, part of humanity. Even though it's not as fun as playing a video game. My daughter doesn't understand, and I don't watch the news when she's awake.

How can others join and learn about your efforts?

People can send an e-mail to


PRICE: about $2.8 million
PLACE: Los Feliz, Calif.

Heath Ledger is saying adios to his Los Feliz hacienda. The Australian actor recently sold the 5,000-sq.-ft, five-bedroom nest he bought in 2000. Behind the gated surround, the Spanish-style residence offers city views, five bathrooms, a media room, guesthouse and adjoining gardens complete with fountain and outside fireplace.

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