Picks and Pans Review: Into the Blue

updated 10/10/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/10/2005 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Paul Walker, Jessica Alba


Alba and Walker make for one golden couple. Golden as in thoroughly, deeply, totally tanned, so much so that you can only assume the duo's dermatologists will shake their heads in dismay should they ever be unfortunate enough to sit through Into the Blue. Not that a thorough slathering of SPF 50 would improve this derivative scrap of swimsuited nonsense. That would require a better plot, original dialogue and characters worth caring about, none of which make an appearance in Blue.

The movie, a lumpish stew of Jaws, National Treasure and The Deep, is about sweethearts (Alba and Walker) who discover more than they bargain for in the Bahamas when they dive for sunken treasure. What can one say that's nice? Alba and Walker are both lovely to look at, though their acting skills rival those of inferior soap opera actors. And director John Stockwell (Blue Crush) spectacularly serves up the marine life of the Atlantic; sharks, stingrays, angelfish and schools of other splendid, exotic creatures swim by. Also, Scott Caan brings energy and a vivid crudeness to his scenes as Walker's obnoxious buddy. (PG-13)


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